Doesn’t everyone like games?

Maybe some games are not “up your alley,” but I would wager there have been a few games in your life you have enjoyed. Be it:

  • a card game
  • Monopoly
  • Mario Brothers
  • or something as intense as World of Warcraft,

there is a game or 2 for everyone.

And now entrepreneurs are realizing that gamification can be used to help grow businesses.

In today’s post, I am going to just give you some ideas on using gamification techniques to help gain customers and create more attention to your brand.

Use Educative Gamification

Setting up a simple educative quiz that asks difficult questions about your particular niche that rewards with % off on products is a great way to engage your website visitors.

And you can also use the answers to showcase how your company solves certain problems.

Customer Rewards

Like airlines do with frequent fliers, fast food does with customer cards, etc., you can offer a gamification like system that rewards your customers.

It could be something like buy 5 get 1 free, or get a certain amount of reward points and get a percentage off.

For many consumers, it becomes a game and some will buy even what they don’t need just to get a prize.

Customer Levels

Another cool gamification method that works is the creation of customer levels.

Think about it, don’t you feel somewhat special when you are considered a VIP with businesses?

You can carry it so far as to create levels and explain how the consumer can step up to the next level.

Be sure and have special rewards for each level and you will discover your followers clawing to get to the next levels.

Bidding Gamification


If you can set up a bidding system, you will be amazed as to the response you get.

Just think, eBay was one of the first to use this style of gamification and consumers still “flock” to the site to bid in an effort to win.

I have seen some of the oddest items go for huge amounts of money.

If you can set up a bidding type format, you may discover sales amounts much higher than you would have received if you marked the prices yourself.

Employee Training

Let’s be completely honest here… Some employee training manuals and videos are absolutely boring. But you know that if employees paid attention, they would gain a lot from that training.

So if you use a gamification system… Reward them if they can answer a few questions about the training and put them in a position where they must use the training the received.

Studies have shown that gamifying the training process works.

Create A Game App

Some businesses have used this technique to build their email list.

Here is a perfect example… Build a short animated “Build Your Own Pizza App.”

So you own a pizzeria and you can have the person give their email to be able to “Build Their Own Pizza.” Now you can send them special offers on an occasional basis. And, go 1 step further… They built the pizza and your smiling face can pop up saying “Wow, that looks good. Order a real one by calling (phone #) and telling the employee this special app #.”

You can have the app coded in such a way that your business sees the pizza they built and you can make it for real.

This system could be used for many products and services.


More and more businesses are realizing that blockchain technology can be a huge benefitokenizert.

And in a way, it is like gamifying your business.

You can create your own brand token that holds cryptocurrency value. As customers react the way you desire, reward them with a brand token. They can then use a collection of brand tokens to buy.

If you want an easy and cost efficient way to tokenize your business/brand, check out this blog post and head on over to to get started.


It all just takes a little creativity.

Make a game of doing business with you and you will be amazed as to how many people want to play the game.

Gamification works… Use it and you will take your business

To The Top!

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