Anything we do in life requires a certain measure of confidence. After all, you have to believe you can.

As an entrepreneur, I believe we need an extra measure of confidence. We need this because when failures happen, which they will, we can pick ourselves up and keep moving forward.

It would be wonderful to assume that everything we commit to would succeed, but truth be told, success comes via multiple failures and as entrepreneurs, we need to have enough confidence to move past the failures with an attitude that the next move will succeed.

If your confidence is weak, I guarantee you will have difficulties sleeping at night and ulcers may become prevalent.

Now don’t take this as my trying to frighten you away from being an entrepreneur; many of us have found great success in the entrepreneurship realm, and you can too.

It just takes confidence

So, I am going to provide you with a wide range of tips and tricks to help you build your confidence.

I know they will help you.

#1: Follow the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared

As an entrepreneur, you need to make a plan. By having a plan of action, you are eliminating incompetent performance. Set your tasks in order of importance and break them into small pieces. After you have completed a task, reflect on it and reward yourself and then move on to the next task.

“Reward myself,” you ask?

It can be something as simple as a piece of candy, cake or cookie or cup of coffee.

By following that procedure, you will feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and confidence.

#2: Attain more education

The more you learn about the particular area you are in, the more confident you will be.

Do anything, and everything you can to keep learning more about the niche you have chosen.

#3: Consider your appearance

Even though you may be spending 70-80% of your working time at home, you still will look in the mirror.

Nothing can drop a person’s confidence more than if they do not like what they see when peering in the mirror.

Grooming is important to your self-confidence. Maybe it is time to shave, cut your hair or even get a facial. Don’t do it for other people; do it for yourself.

#4: Dress sharp

This goes hand-in-hand with the prior tip.

I am not saying to go out and purchase expensive suits or dresses, but is sitting around the house performing tasks in your pajamas really helping your confidence? Sure, it may seem comfortable, but it can kill your confidence.

Just try dressing sharp for yourself and watch how you feel more confident. I guarantee: It Works!

#5: Live with a P.M.A.

This world is filled with negativity everywhere. Just turn on the news or read the Sunday paper and you will see approximately 90% or higher negative pieces.

It is so wonderful when we see something positive and we are naturally drawn to the reporter giving that story.

You can have that same charismatic response by living with a P.M.A.

Oh, you are wondering what P.M.A. stands for?

Positive Mental Attitude

If you keep a P.M.A., you will find your confidence at high levels.

I also suggest that you do your best to spend most of your time with positive people. You will have those moments when you will have to deal with negative individuals. This is when you need to let your P.M.A. shine and not allow their negative personality to “rub off.”

#6: Be assertive

You MUST stick with your principles by being assertive.

Many new entrepreneurs mistake assertive with being aggressive. Know the difference… You can be assertive without being aggressive.

As you assert your principles with others and they follow your lead, you will gain an amazing measure of confidence.

#7: Action: keep doing

Maybe this should have been #1 because experience builds confidence. If you have a fear of approaching other people, start doing it! They won’t bite you!

As you start taking action, you WILL get more confident.

Take the risks and see the benefits. Even if the person says no, you have gained experience and you will grow your confidence.

#8: Exercise and proper nutrition

When you eat right and exercise, you feel better about yourself and it will reflect in your outward actions.

Go to the gym or walk and jog and see just how much more confident you are.

And, don’t be afraid to try something new:

  • Skydive
  • Surf
  • Ski
  • Even swim the English Channel

Doing something you haven’t before will make you more confident.

#9: Do a volunteer activity

It can be a wondrous confidence builder if you spend a few hours helping at a soup kitchen for the homeless or cleaning a park in the “dangerous” part of town.

Not only will you build confidence in yourself, you can network with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

#10: Have a success list

Get out your notebook and pen and list every success you have had.

I would gamble that when you start going, that list will be quite long.

I suggest you print that list off and put it in front of you in multiple locations. When you are having a “down” moment, just read the list. Seeing your accomplishments will build your confidence and erase those feelings of stress and fear.

#11: Fake it

Believe it or not, every entrepreneur sometimes has to use this method.

I normally will not admit this because it “blows my cover,” but I have had to fake it, and many of the other famous entrepreneurs I know have had to fake it too.

We all have those moments, but we must pretend that we are confident. We hold our heads up high and speak without stammering or stuttering.

It is okay to fake it as a last resort.

#12: Do something that seems crazy

I actually saved the best confidence builder I know for last.

We see those people do some really crazy things on YouTube, but would you ever?

Now, I don’t suggest something dangerous, but maybe you could go get 50 $1 bills and just walk down the street handing people a $1 bill. You will get some wild responses.

Or try riding an elevator facing the back wall.

Maybe ask the cashier in the grocery store where the toilets are that were listed for sale.

Just doing something really crazy like these will build confidence in you and you will stop taking yourself so seriously.

In conclusion

Let me just say that I have faith in you. You can have the confidence you need to be an entrepreneur. Just follow these tips and you will gain that confidence you need.

With confidence, you can be on your way to moving to the top. And, speaking of that, have you attained your free copy of To The Top?

You can get it here. Just click below.

Eric, I want your To The Top book

Now go build your confidence and stay tuned for more entrepreneur tips.

To The Top!

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