So you have been working for “the other guy” for years and you have decided to take the plunge from employee to entrepreneur. That is great! But I need to ask you something immediately… Do you have an entrepreneur mindset?

I ask this because if you try to manage a business using an employee mindset, you will have multiple issues.

You may discover that you have been using an employee mindset and it is never too late to change that pattern. So I am going to point out some key differences between the entrepreneur mindset vs the employee mindset.

Entrepreneur Mindset: All Decisions Are On You / Employee Mindset: The Boss Said To Do It This Way

Every single decision that is made in the business is on you as the entrepreneur. There is no more blaming bad decisions on another person, even if you allowed someone else to make the decision, it all still comes back to you.

Entrepreneur Mindset: “I Learn How To Do This Better.” / Employee Mindset: “I Want To Take A Course On This Because I Never Learned How To.”

When you first read this, it may seem like both the entrepreneur and employee are saying the same thing. They are not!

The entrepreneur wants to make the skills they already have stronger. The employee wants to mend his/her weaknesses.

Entrepreneur Mindset: Time Is The Most Valuable Asset / Employee Mindset: Money Is the Most Valuable Asset

Now don’t get me wrong here…Money is a valuable asset to an entrepreneur, but he/she puts time as a higher asset on the list. They know that if they use their time properly, the money… the profits will come.

The employee does not necessarily concern themselves with time unless the employer puts time-induced quotas on them. And even then, the most important thing is that paycheck and raises.

Entrepreneur Mindset: The Finish Line Is That Way, So I Will Create A Path To Get There / Employee Mindset: Which Way Do I Go?

This speaks for itself; employees need guidance while entrepreneurs are the pathfinders. They are the ones who give guidance.

Entrepreneur Mindset: This Is Uncomfortable And I Love It / Employee Mindset: I Just Want To Be Comfortable And Happy.

Entrepreneurs have to live in discomfort a large percentage of the time. Once the entrepreneur starts feeling comfort, they create something new to stay in that uncomfortable position.

Employees, for the biggest part, just want everything to flow smoothly. No stress except what to cook for dinner.

Entrepreneur Mindset: No / Employee Mindset: Yes

An employee wants to please their employer, so nearly every answer is yes.

Successful entrepreneurs have realized if they say yes to everything, they will soon be broke. Entrepreneurs must know how to say no to a large percentage of offers.

Entrepreneur Mindset: Work Smart / Employee Mindset: Work Hard

This also speaks for itself.

Just a story that puts this in context: A group of movers were at an apartment move located on the 2nd floor of an apartment. The couch and loveseat were monstrous and the owner stated that when she bought it, the company had built them in the apartment. They were much too big to get down the stairway.

Calling the entrepreneur who owned the company and explaining that they would have to work hard to take everything apart to get the job completed in time. The entrepreneur said he would be right over… He had a work smart idea.

The entrepreneur came to the job site and delegated that one of the workers get several ropes, chains and pulleys from the back of his truck. Using the devices, they lowered the furniture in one piece via the balcony with the pulley hooked to a tree.

Not only did the entrepreneur save a lot of time, he taught the workers to think wise instead of thinking hard.

Entrepreneur Mindset: Plan / Employee Mindset: Execute

Now I will say that both the entrepreneur and the employee must do the opposite at times, but overall, the entrepreneurs are the planners and employees do the execution of the plans.

Entrepreneur Mindset: Hire People That Are Smarter Than Me / Employee Mindset: Sabotage People That Are Smarter Than Me

The entrepreneur understands that he/she does not know it all, and it can only help the business if they contract or hire people that are smarter than they are.

The majority of employees feel threatened by people that are smarter than they are.

So, What Is Your Mindset?

There are many who say that entrepreneurs need to think outside the box; personally, I believe that entrepreneurs just need to “burn that box.” There is no box and everything goes.

If you discover that as an entrepreneur, you are still using an employee mindset in some areas, it is time to recognize and change those mindsets.

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Thank you for stopping by today and if you have any questions or feedback, just post them below.

To The Top!

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