How To Be More Successful in Your Business, Today!

You may wonder how a small business can suddenly “run rampant” on its large corporate counterpart.

I can look back in time and name some companies who did exactly that:

  • Airstream took other large RV manufacturers like Winnebago and Fleetwood by surprise.
  • T-Mobile jumped upon the cellular wave and have surfed it as well, if not better than the AT&T giant.
  • And I dare not leave out Apple. Steve Jobs would not allow Bill Gates and Microsoft to monopolize the computer jungle.

So how did these smaller businesses hold their own or even “stomp the $*^&” out of the corporate monstrosities?

The entrepreneur set the business apart.

And to gain success as an entrepreneur – as a business leader – you need to be able to do the same. You need to set your business apart. I am going to give you some ideas, tips and advice on how to be the platinum dollar in a roll of silver dollars.

Set Your Business Apart With Super Passion and Belief

If you are in love with your business and your products or services just as a groom loves his bride, you are already setting yourself apart.

And if you put that passion into customer care and service; if you know clients by name and you ask about their children; if you will open ½ hour early because a customer really needs an item but they have to travel to the city and will be gone by the time you open.

You instill that same customer care in anyone who works with or for you.

Are you getting the point?

It really won’t matter if your prices are somewhat higher than that corporate store on the other side of town. The one who has employees who act as if the customer is a pest.

You are the winner because you set your business apart with passion.

Set Your Business Apart By Looking For Those “Hidden” Opportunities

This process involves a measure of risk, but people such as Steve Jobs showed the world how you can create something new that will frustrate the competition.

The idea is not listening to the naysayers and moving forward with those ideas others may think ridiculous.

Right along with this, look for the “hidden” talents in your tribe. You just may be in for some huge surprises.

Set Your Business Apart With Quality

If your quality is even slightly better than the competitor, you HAVE set your business apart.

And, I am not just talking product or service quality. Yes, it is great to add extra value with quality to your product or service, but quality climbs higher than that…

  • Customer Service Quality: I mentioned it in the passion area earlier but I just have to stress this important factor. Many of the big businesses are slipping terribly with their customer service. They have sacrificed customer satisfaction with speed. While many customers want what they want NOW, they also want it to their satisfaction. You need to create a system that has those customers happy after they spend their money with you. You need to be personable and leave a good taste in their mouth.
  • Process Quality: Many people just detest having to take a defective item back to many businesses because they are treated like they did something to cause the malfunction. No matter if the person is handing you money or you are giving money back because of an issue, they should all leave with a smile.

Set Your Business Apart By Using The Latest Technology

Believe it or not, the smaller businesses often have the advantage in this area.

Large corporate structures have invested in technology and asking “the board” to spend money on new technology is harder than pulling the teeth from a mountain lion.

There are still large corporations having staff use Windows 98 because they believe there are more important things to invest in like an Espresso Coffee machine for the monthly executive meetings.

If you believe a new software or other technology will help you serve your clients more efficiently, invest!!

Set Your Business Apart By Being Social

While those big corporations are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on billboards, television commercials and other costly marketing, you can just get out and mingle with the people who will buy from you.

Consumers have discovered that the only time they truly hear from the majority of CEOs of the corporate monsters is when they are trying to “clean up” a mess an employee made.

Don’t be like that. Set your business apart by being reachable. Tweet a cute kitten picture or post a humorous or motivational video on Facebook.

When business owners show they are just like the rest of the population, they are setting both their selves and their business apart and gaining a lot of respect in the process.

Learn From The Corporate Big Boys But Do Not Copy Them!

Set your business apart and you will have great things happen… I Am Sure!

Let me help you 1 step further… I developed the Business Success Kit with 3 powerful tools in one:

  1. To The Top – A Blueprint For Wealth
  2. The Expense Tracker – Keeping Your Business Finances Straight
  3. Rocket Recruiting – Never Struggle Convincing People

Just get the Business Success Kit here.

Did this help you?

Please leave your feedback… If you have any questions, you can post those here too.

I want to help you take your business

To The Top!

Eric Tippetts

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