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We often see it… Entrepreneurs with wrinkles all over their face. They are filled with stress. Stress that pours out when they approach people.

No matter how they try to hide that stress behind a smile or humor, the stress just pours out of their pores.

And the prospects they approached are like magnets. They pull that stress in and begin to feel uncomfortable and apprehensive. After all, if the person approaching them is full of stress and anxiety, they assume they will feel the same.

Being stress free in your business tasks is important to begin to build a large and profitable business.

Here are some tips to be stress free with your business.

Stress Free Tip #1: Understand That You Cannot Motivate People

Motivation comes from within a person. There is nothing we can do to motivate another person. But we do have the power to inspire others. Inspiration comes from watching us follow the principles we have trained our team to follow. Inspiration comes from watching us approach people with confidence.

If we are trying to motivate by telling… By bossing… We are bound to be stressed out because they will not follow what we say, our tribe will follow what we do.

Stress Free Tip #2: Listen More And Talk Less

listen more

Too many entrepreneurs turn every conversation into a one person talk fest. They pitch, pitch and pitch some more.

It is stressful for the person having to hear them. So what do they do with that stress? They give it back to the entrepreneur by saying no.

If only the business owner would have allowed it to be a two way conversation… If he/she would have just listened more, the person would have greater respect and most likely, they would have told the entrepreneur why they needed the opportunity.

Just listen and they will usually tell you the answer to closing them.

Stress Free Tip #3: Spend Your Time With Positive People

If you choose to hang with the people who are normally positive and upbeat, you will stay positive. And, when you are positive, it is difficult to be stressed out.

I know that it is nearly impossible to always be around positive people, but if you consciously plan to spend the majority of time around those type of people, you will see great things happen in your life.

Stress Free Tip #4: Use 3rd Party Tools

Believe me, 3rd party tools can take the majority of stress away from you.

That is why I developed the Expense Tracker.

One of the primary causes of stress with entrepreneurs is money. And what better way to keep track of money in and money out… This app will help you manage your budget and relieve your stress.

Click here to get the Expense Tracker.


Let’s be completely honest, stress will get you nowhere except in a hospital bed or even worse…

Take the stress off by following these tips.

If you have any questions or comments, just post them in the comment section below.

Thanks and have a great day!

To The Top!

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