How to Take Control of Your Life in 2022 And Create a Positive Change

Do you feel like your life has taken a direction that you don’t want it to go?  Do you think that there is nothing you can do about it and that your best shot is to flow with the current?

Well, that should no longer be the case in 2022. This is the year to take charge. It is the perfect time to say NO to everything that makes you feel helpless. You have the power to control your life and realize your potential!

You can be that positive change that you so badly want.

Set your goals right

It all begins with the goals. If you get them wrong, you are sure to proceed on a path you do not want.

Goals can help you control your life by creating a visual view of how you would look like at the end of it all. Furthermore, they help you clarify what you want in life and the overall target.

When you set goals, you give yourself the chance to make the most of the things within your influence. These include factors like attention, time, money, and so on. Carefully exploring these resources can help you live the kind of life you want.

Remain dedicated and confront convention

When Jeffrey decided to ride across America from New York to California on Citi Bike, many of his friends and family members thought he was crazy. They tried to talk him down. How could he do it? Hasn’t he thought about the muscle pool?

Despite all the negativity thrown at him, he still did it. Why? Because that’s what he wanted and was ready to achieve it, even if that meant breaking from the norm.

Look at how happy he is. He wouldn’t be if he listened to all the naysayers.

When you want to do something, you should be ready to confront a particular convention. Your dedication will help you in that regard.

Selectively choose whom to associate with

Your environment dictates who you are, including your friends and the people with whom you interact. It does not take so long before you take in their emotions and for your brain to synchronize how they go about their days.

To control your life, you need to disassociate from negative people. Be careful not to land within a specific mindset influenced by their ways of reasoning.

Selectively choosing whom to interact with does not involve only your physical environment. Examine your online activities, as well. Are they pressuring you to do things in a certain way? If that’s the case, immediately create a boundary.

Remain open to new lessons

Taking control of your life also requires you to grow. No growth happens without learning. For this reason, you need an open mindset that willingly takes on transformative challenges.

Do not turn down an opportunity just because it seems too challenging. Instead, evaluate it based on whether it is worth spending some time acquiring the relevant skills. By doing so, you will learn something new that would not have been possible.

Create a regular sleeping pattern

The lack of sufficient sleep can easily make you feel off and less in control of how your day goes. You may find yourself wasting a lot of productive time as you fantasize about how long you have to wait before going to bed. In the long run, you may find it hard to achieve your various life goals.

To prevent that from happening, get in the habit of sleeping at a regular time. Whereas striking the average 8 hours may prove challenging considering the busy schedules we all have, ensure that you do not sleep under 5 hours.

Final thought

Life is about perspective.  The challenge is our phone’s are filled with social media apps that continually compare us with each other and someone’s “perfect” filtered life.

One question I ask myself each day is…..”Am I better today than yesterday in one area of my life?”  This way, I focus on my life journey and growth.

Dream Big.  Start Small.  The key is starting with small steps each day towards things that fulfill you.

Much Love,

Eric Tippetts

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