As entrepreneurs, we must use each and every tool available to use to help with brand building and marketing. Throughout my entrepreneur journey, I have tested various pieces of software, tools and websites for brand building and marketing various products I have developed.

I have been using a website that has been extremely helpful in my pursuit to climb to the summit of Success Mountain.

I personally believe that every entrepreneur… Every independent business owner… Anyone who is attempting to market and sell online should use the website I am about to share with you.

IBO ToolBox

IBO stands for independent business owner.

Whether you

  • Have a multilevel marketing business
  • Freelance your talents
  • Perform affiliate marketing
  • Etc…

IBO ToolBox can be a helpful portfolio of tools for you.

I have experienced a massive influx of traffic to my website which has, in turn, generated leads and sales.

Let me just tell you about all the features you will receive as a member of IBO ToolBox:

IBO ToolBox Features

It does not cost anything to create an account at

And the benefits and features are numerous:

The IBO ToolBox Business Social Platform

An all positive social platform where thousands of active members log on daily and see the posts and profiles of other members. Plus, IBO ToolBox has made this a “Safehaven” social platform. No one is allowed to post negative comments about any other business.

So you can market and promote your business in a non-negative zone.

Your social profile is SEO friendly and also mobile friendly. People can see your businesses, contact information and much more.

The IBO ToolBox Advertising System

All over the IBO ToolBox system, members can run advertisements that are targeted to other business owners, people looking for ways to make money as well as people looking for products or services.

The IBO ToolBox Press Release System

You can also write and publish up to 2 press releases per day. IBO ToolBox syndicates with various other websites where your press release will be issued. And your business associates will be notified of your new press release so they can read and share it too.

A Free Live Chat Widget For Your Website

IBO ToolBox also gives members an interactive widget that allows you to have live chat on your website. This is a huge benefit as potential clients or customers may have questions. Live chat is the best way to answer questions timely.

IBO ToolBox Is A Networking And Lead Generation Website

network marketing downline

With the amount of like-minded professionals who visit and will see your profile, you have the opportunity to network. It also is a great lead generation tool. When prospects see your expertise, they will be impelled to contact you.

What an easy way to gain leads!

Those are just a few

It just make good sense having IBO ToolBox in your marketing portfolio.

  • There are more than 3,000,000 members and IBO ToolBox is growing fast with multiple users signing up daily.
  • The IBO Ad Network has over 1.5 million views per day
  • The system has a video platform
  • As a member, you can bring in new members and make 50% commissions on their purchases
  • And they have extensive business and leadership training

Final Thoughts

As you can plainly see, the advantages of having an account at IBO ToolBox are numerous. And you can start with a free account. There are upgrades you can make, but you have many business features that are free to use as long as you are a member.

So come hook up with me at by clicking here.

I know you will find this to be one of the wisest marketing decisions you have ever made.

If you have any questions, just ask them below and I will find you an answer. Thank you and may today’s tip take you and your business…

To The Top!

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