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Introducing The New Rocket Recruiting Affiliate Program!

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Launching 2016!


The Rocket Recruiting App is a powerful mobile web app Network Marketers can use to quickly demonstrate to prospects why it makes good financial sense to start and run their own home based business.

It is such a simple and rejection free recruiting tool, that every Network Marketer would benefit from using it.

Referral Partner Benefits:

  • You receive 50% of Every Referral’s Subscription
  • No selling, telling, or explaining…
  • Simply send referrals to our video which does all the ‘selling’ for you!
  • IMPORTANT – Your Rocket Recruiting Account Must be Active to Receive Commissions


To see the Rocket Recruiting App website.

Once you become an affiliate member.  You will receive your referral tracking link and marketing tools.

For Enrollment in the New Rocket Recruiting App Affiliate Program.


 I look forward to working together to help Network Marketers simplify the Recruiting/Sponsoring process.

Network Marketers Helping Network Marketers Succeed!

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