When Blockchain technology entered the minds of humans back in 2009 with a digital currency called Bitcoin, many people assumed it would fail. Now 9 years later, we have discovered that Bitcoin has reached unheard of values, and Blockchain technology has its place in the world of business.

As a matter of fact, businesses that are not integrating Blockchain technology into their business structure, are missing out on advantages that could leave them trailing competitors.

I am going to share with you 10 ways you can integrate Blockchain technology into your business structure. And, I will share a place that can help you with this.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #1: Smart Contracts

A system that deletes the chances of fraud or interference, Blockchain technology allows you to create and manage contractual agreements.

Payments are held in escrow until the Blockchain is satisfied.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #2: Transferring Money

Sending and receiving money is much safer and easier using Blockchain technology. It can be very useful in doing business globally.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #3: Auditing

Any audit can be less stressful and quicker to complete if it is all on the Blockchain. Be it an internal or external audit, no one can manipulate the numbers the Blockchain provides.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #4: Money Laundering Protection

Criminals have used some unique and sophisticated methods to “launder” illegal financial gains. The Blockchain with its strong encryption and following Know Your Customer policies, eradicates the possibility of money laundering.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #5: Save On Administrative Costs

Bookkeeping can be both time consuming and costly. Many small businesses outsource their bookkeeping which can be a cost that is lightened substantially by using Blockchain technology.

The technology will actually keep the books for you at a far less cost than any other avenue.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #6: Supply Chain Perfection

Can any supply chain be perfect?

It is doubtful. But, using Blockchain technology, you will chop down variables in:

  • Legalities
  • Multiple vendor syncing
  • Weather
  • Etc…

The Blockchain helps you keep a near perfect supply chain which always results in higher customer satisfaction rates.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #7: Sensitive Data Exchange

With the high rate of hacking sensitive data from businesses and the possibility of a data-nabbing, businesses need the assurance of hack-proof systems so they can share sensitive data without fear of compromise.

Blockchain technology uses encryption methods that cannot be broken because of the many layers.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #8: Loyalty Programs

Keeping track of loyalty programs can turn into a costly mess. But by using Blockchain technology, the system will keep accurate records and give notifications when certain loyalty levels are reached.

This goes right along with bookkeeping, as it eliminates fraud and many simple mistakes.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #9: Quality Control

The days of old in trying to narrow down where any problem originated from is made much easier with Blockchain technology.

If there is a problem, you can simply go to the blockchain to narrow it down from start to finish.

What could have taken weeks before can be done in minutes now.

Integrating Blockchain Technology #10: Taxes

How would you like it if the Blockchain could do your business taxes in the most economical way possible.

It can!


When it comes to Blockchain technology, the sky is the limit.

And, I have been consulting with developers of a system that will allow you to create your own Blockchain systems to meet your business needs.

On January 8th, 2018, NASGO is running the Global Offering.

You can create your own Blockchain Dapps and NASGO will have a crytocurrency that will have a limit of 1,010,000 that can be mined.

I highly recommend you jump in on the Global Offering. You can get on board here.

Blockchain technology is the future… A future that will take you and your business…

To The Top!

eric tippets

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  • Mahmoud Ahmad
    January 7, 2018 6:50 am

    Hello Eric
    I have invested in several ICOs and different cryptos for the last few years. They all talked about their developers and people behind them.
    As I read NSGO site I didn’t see any mention about the names , nor key
    personal names,experinse who will be runing NASGO.
    Would you mind provide any information related to my concern.


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