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No matter what type of business you have, you have probably considered marketing on social media. Odds are, you are marketing your brand and/or your products or services on at least 1 social media platform.

How is it working for you?

Like any type of marketing system, you will have positives and negatives… Pros and cons… So it is best that you “weigh” the positives and negatives to determine if marketing on social media is the right thing for you.

Today, I am going to take you through the most common positives and negatives of marketing on social media.

Hopefully, this post can help you determine if social media marketing is right for you.

Marketing On Social Media Positive – It Is Cost Efficient

While I don’t like to use the word cheap, social media marketing is less expensive than the majority of other marketing methods.

Unless you are purchasing ads, most social media accounts are free and are a great way to gain attention to your brand.

As for paid advertisements, these are cost efficient too and if done properly, can lead to more sales.

Marketing On Social Media Negative – Needs To Be Monitored Daily

We often talk about how social media can be a time waster.

The process of monitoring questions, comments and likes can take away from other need-to-do tasks.

The best way to solve this is to contract a virtual assistant who is trained and able to handle the questions and comments and competently monitor your social media.

Marketing On Social Media Positive – A Better Ability To Target

target market

I always like to use a billboard marketing approach… With a billboard, you have very little control over your target audience. After all, it is whoever drives by, Yes, you can gear the ad towards certain groups of people, but will they see it?

With social media advertising, you can choose a variety of factors on who sees your ad, when they see it and how they see it.

Marketing On Social Media Negative – A Risk Of Negative Publicity

If you thought the 1 or 2 bullies in school were bad, believe me, social media is chock full of bullies. There are many who have nothing better to do then to attack a business or brand even if they have no idea about that business.

You must not respond with aggressiveness. That can only make it worse.

Just point out facts and put them into a spot… An example could be: The “bully” says they bought your new rock tumbler and it was a piece of junk.

The way I would handle this is “Oh, I’m sorry you feel this way (name). We would like to make it right with you. I wanted to take care of this for you immediately and I cannot find a sales record under your name here on (social media site). If you could tell me the order number or name you ordered under, I will be happy to refund your purchase.”

The bully probably will not respond and other people have enough common sense to know the person was just attacking your business and had probably never bought one of your rock tumblers.

Marketing On Social Media Positive – Building Brand Loyalty

The fact that we build relationships on social media is an enticement for brand loyalty. As potential customers realize you are a normal person just like they are, they will become more loyal and supportive of your business.

Marketing On Social Media Negative – Sudden Changes In Platforms

It can be frustrating!

You have a social media marketing strategy that is working and suddenly, the platform is changed and puts wrinkles in your strategy.

The fact that you have no control over this means 1 of 2 decisions must be made:

  1. Quit the platform and use other marketing methods or,
  2. Make needed changes in your social media marketing strategy that is in line with the changes that were made.


I am a firm believer that nearly all businesses should have a social media marketing strategy. But I also believe that marketing via social media should not be your only marketing method. As is said, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

I hope this helps you in your social media marketing efforts.

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Have a great day!

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  • As per my view, there are three major benefits of running social media marketing campaigns.
    1) It is quite cost effective as compared to traditional marketing channels other than SEO.

    2) You also build your influence on social channels just like you build domain authority through SEO.

    3) Now your search engine rankings are also influenced by social media signals.

    My conclusion is now social media marketing importance has even beaten SEO in being effective, while most of the companies are not yet much aware of that.


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