While every human being is different, we do have certain similarities that can set us apart from other groups of people. One of the primary items that group people together are their mindsets.

Entrepreneurs must have mindsets that are quite different than an employee.

Herein lies a common problem I have recognized with new entrepreneurs… They jump into the entrepreneurial world with an employee mindset.

It doesn’t work!

In an effort to help you succeed in your entrepreneurial journey, I am listing some key entrepreneur mindsets that you may want to develop if you do not already have them integrated in your brain.

I have researched various successful entrepreneurs as well as taking a look at my mindsets to give you an extensive list so you can understand how your mindset should differ from an employee mindset. They are in no particular order.

The Key Mindsets of the Entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurs focus on the important things

A large percentage of employees are focused on the job they have to do whether it is important or not. Naturally, it does have some importance or they would not have been asked (or told) to do that particular job.

The mindset of the entrepreneur requires them to focus on what is the most important, profit making task. Even if the restroom needs cleaning, the entrepreneur will first focus on the meeting with the prospective client.

Entrepreneurs do not procrastinate 

While an employee may put off a task until tomorrow, the entrepreneur is all about doing it NOW!

Procrastination is NOT in the entrepreneur dictionary.

Entrepreneurs rely on their “gut”

For every man, woman and child, life is a series of decisions and choices. But for the entrepreneur, decisions are more than a series; they are an epidemic. The entrepreneur has to make split-second decisions on a daily basis. The mindset is to rely on instinct (the gut) to make those decisions.

Entrepreneurs own their failures

Many employees tend to find excuses for failures, but successful entrepreneurs have learned the success only comes because of multiple failures.

The entrepreneur mindset is to own the failure and not put the blame elsewhere.

Entrepreneurs set high, but reachable goals

Personally, I believe every person should set goals, but few do.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that each day, week, month and year must be a series of high, but reachable goals.

Entrepreneurs have the listen mindset 

The truly successful entrepreneurs have learned to listen much more than they talk. Through listening, the entrepreneur discovers the needs of the other entity and can then proceed to solve their needs or problems.

Listeners normally get more sales than talkers do.

Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs 24/7

An employee is only employee from 9 to 5, or whatever his/her working hours are.

Entrepreneurs are in their position and mindset when the eat, sleep, bathe and breathe.

Entrepreneurs are thirsty for knowledge

There is a saying I once heard that if you don’t learn something new each day, it was a wasted day. It was surely an entrepreneur who said that.

Whether it is reading a book or taking a course, entrepreneurs have a desire to never stop learning.

Entrepreneurs understanding that brand = power 

Look at any successful entrepreneur and you will see a successful brand attached to them. The creation of a brand does equal the creation of power.

Entrepreneurs have a follow up mentality

When a person says no, they normally mean “not right now.” Successful entrepreneurs understand this and they use a follow up system to keep their product or service in front of the prospective customer.

Following up should not be high-pressure but just a simple “Hey, we are still here because you WILL need us.”

Entrepreneurs are the oddballs

Now I don’t mean to say this in a demeaning way, because I am speaking about myself too. But successful entrepreneurs are the oddballs in that they will not follow the same path as everyone else.

Just because several have found great success opening hotdog stands in a certain city, the successful entrepreneur will go against that flow and will open several pretzel stands next to each person’s hotdog stand. (do you see my point?)

Entrepreneurs have a numbers mindset 

Successful entrepreneurs follow all the numbers and statistics. They know that numbers don’t lie.

Entrepreneurs delegate and outsource

Entrepreneurs understand that they cannot do everything themselves to have success. It is important that they delegate and/or outsource many of the tasks that need to be completed.

Entrepreneurs are focused on customer service 

While the old cliché of the customer always being right may be out-of-bounds, the entrepreneur will go to heavy lengths to satisfy the customer. He/she understands that the customer is their lifeblood and when treated right, it will draw more customers.

Entrepreneurs are 99.9% positive 

A positive mental attitude is always evident in the successful entrepreneur. No matter the situation, he/she will find some positive in it somewhere.

Entrepreneurs do not ask for permission

It is better to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Entrepreneurs are scared and fearless

While it seems like I just wrote an oxymoron, it fits.

Entrepreneurs are scared, but they will not let it control them.

They are fearless, because they go for it no matter what others may be saying about the risks.

Do You Have The Mindset?

You will need these traits to find success as an entrepreneur.

You may already have some, but it is important that you attain all these entrepreneur mindsets.

If you are needing help finding the entrepreneur mindset, I can help. Just contact me here.

If this post helped you, will you please share it with others?

Thank You.

To The Top!


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