I just cut a video and wanted to transcribe it so you can read what we have at Nasgo now.

So watch the video and read the transcription and get on over to Nasgo and get in on the global lottery.

What’s up, NASGO Nation

Hey, this is Eric Tippetts. It is a beautiful day, and if you’re new to NASGO, welcome.

So we’re excited about many of the updates, recent updates.

All of the NSG tokens should be in your wallet. If you have not synced up your online wallet with your offline wallet, make sure that you watch previous YouTube videos. Or on our social media, make sure you connect with us, NASGO Official on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and YouTube.

So we are excited today to announce our first dapp.

It is a global lottery.

Now, what is a global lottery? What’s the importance of that?

Well, we felt that this really shows the power of blockchain.

So in a lottery, that’s typically closed source that you don’t really know how much money was taken in, how much money is given out, who is choosing the numbers. It’s in blockchain, so it’s totally transparent, builds trust globally, and there’s no manipulation.

There’s nobody sitting and picking those different balls.

In the blockchain, every, I think, 59 blocks, a lottery happens, so that’s about every 10 minutes. So we felt like this is a great way to engage the NASGO ecosystem.

Many of you have 10 free NSGs. It’s a great way for you to go in and play.

20% of the pot is paid out to somebody that chooses two out of three of the numbers. If you choose three out of three numbers, you get 80% of the pot.

And it’s fun. This is a great way to get NSGs circulating in the ecosystem along with the merchants that are coming out with dapps that accept NSGs that you can purchase products and services through them. And this is playing with real NSGs. Many of you have bought these.

This is a great way for you to win real NSGs.

So we’re excited about this, excited for you to go and play this global lottery. Go experience it, but the true power is showing that transparency and trust and no manipulation on a global lottery within the ecosystem. So go check it out.

We’re super excited for you to see many more updates.

We’re about to launch our marketing and social impact studio. This was all about helping the merchants or vendors and entrepreneurs around the world be able to build their dapp on to the NASGO Dapp Store. So we’re excited about that. This new studio will be somebody that will really help and train all the developers how to build their dapps on the dapp store within NASGO.

So stay tuned. Have an amazing day. We’ll talk soon.

To The Top!

eric tippets

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