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  • Hi Eric, great vid as usual – I will continue to watch/listen to ALL of them, likely more than once! LOL! I have to tell you though with this one I’m a wee bit disappointed likely because I just read the email you had sent me about 10 tips to go from average to awesome and the chance to get your book. I clicked on the link immediately thinking how very cool, only to find you have to pay via credit card after reading ‘get my book for FREE’ here. Same old, same old, as we should all know by now, nothing is ‘totally’ free is it….I’m disappointed because like thousands of others, I do not have or want a credit card, and only pay by debit or PayPal – both of which are not options here.

    So my ’10 pages a day’ of reading and focus won’t be from your book which is sad but I get it. You’re trying to make money, not give things away for free, of course. I follow you on Twitter and liked your FB page as well and we are hopefully now also connected on the IBO Network.

    Keep up the great work, and I look forward to learning more about your own process for success. Got to go work on my ‘plan’, thanks very much Eric! God Bless you and yours.



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