Content production is an important aspect in today’s business atmosphere. Entrepreneurs who are not using a blogging platform are losing out on clients and customers. And there are those who do blog, but their readership levels are low. They draw a few readers but the percentages are low in comparison to competitor blogs.

What is even more frustrating is the fact that when you read your own content side-by-side with the competitors, you know that you are providing greater information and you wonder why you are not getting more readers.

Don’t feel bad

There are posts I have wrote that I thought would go viral and they barely get any attention, and other posts that I thought would “fall flat” that have had many readers. It is a system that is difficult to understand. But I have discovered some important tidbits that help articles get more readers and more shares.

Let me share a few of these tips and tricks with you.

Gain More Readers By Using High Quality, Original Images

Online article readers are drawn by visual items. Using high quality photos is a great way to draw more readers. And, they need to be original. People do not want to see the same photograph on various posts.

It is also wise to caption some images because readers do read these captions and they are more apt to share the image at sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and others.

Gain More Readers By Using Explosive Headlines

Studies have proven that online readers are scanners. They are drawn to headlines and if that headline “grabs” them, they will read the information following that headline.

Use wording in your headline that is explosive, attractive or emotional and you will draw more readers.

Gain More Readers By Telling Stories

Some of the experts over at BufferApp performed an experiment. Using an A/B testing format, they wrote a piece of content that essentially had the same information. One post just went straight to the point while the other post told a story first and proceeded to take the reader into the point of the article.

Guess which one had the most readers…

The story post had 300% more readership. It just goes to show that people want to read and hear stories.

One key with that is: if the story is fictional, be sure and let the reader know that upfront. DO NOT lead the reader to believe that fiction is fact.

Gain More Readers By Embracing White Space

Have you ever come across an article that had a great title that you felt you should read but when you visit, you see a post that is written like a college thesis?

The information is solid but as you try to read it, your eyes hurt.

The words all “jumble” together and you give up and move on to the next article.

If the writer would have just forgot what their English professor said about writing…

Nothing against all the great English professors out there, but writing online is a much different ballgame.

We must write for the readers and not by the “school laws.”

Give them short sentences, short paragraphs and plenty of white space for eye breaks.

Gain More Readers By Embedding Video When Appropriate

Just as I told you about images earlier, videos are another tool that will attract more readers.

The key is ensuring the video coincides with the content.

And since I have not yet developed a video on this subject, I will just rely on images and the content to boost this post.

Gain More Readers By Engaging With Current Readers

It is imperative that you respond to comments on your posts.

When you engage with current readers, those people are more apt to share the post with other people they know who are interested in the same subject.

Gain More Readers By Using Bullet Points And Numbered Lists When Appropriate

Another study has shown that bullet points and numbered lists do attract readers.

When it can fit:

  • Use bullet points to draw the readers eyes
  • Use numbered article – Top 10, 15, 20, etc…
  • Number certain subjects that need to be completed in order.

Gain More Readers By Bolding Key Points

You must be careful with this tip because too much bolding can defeat the purpose.

But when you bold key points, the reader’s eyes will be drawn to it much like a headline and if it “perks” their interest, they will read more.

Gain More Readers By Adding Useful Links

The experts at Copyblogger are keen on adding useful links.

The main point is to add links that are actually helpful and are not just adding links to gain SEO coverage.

Make sure that link will add value and I suggest you always make sure the link opens in a new tab.


I cannot promise you will get thousands of readers overnight but by following these tips, I know you will see an improvement.

I hope this helps you and I would love to hear your opinions. Also if you have any questions, just post those below too.

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Thank you for popping in today… Please share this advice with your social media friends. They will be happy you did.

To The Top!

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