As entrepreneurs, we face stressful times that many people have no understanding of.

Stress and anxiety is normal.

It is how we deal with these issues that defines our character. If handled improperly, we can actually create more problems than what we started with.

I have found many rituals that can enliven peace, happiness and even help us live a prosperous existence.

I know that some rituals may not be your “cup of tea,” so I am going to share a variety of rituals.

I suggest you find one or more and try them for awhile. Many of these rituals have been used for centuries. And many successful entrepreneurs are “addicted” to some of these rituals because they help them manage their stress.

Rituals #1: Welcome The Sun

Each morning immediately after waking, just step outside and say hello to the sun. The sun provides us with so many benefits that just acknowledging its existence can give us a whole new outlook on our upcoming day.

Rituals #2: Practice Projective Visualization

This comes straight from the ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus. Many of us call it using empathy.

Before you get angry and lash out at someone, ask yourself how you would react if a friend or family member were to react in the way you are about to react.

Would you try to calm them?

Would you agree with their reaction?

Before you react, be that friend or family member and do to yourself what you would do if in their shoes.

Rituals #3: Speak Positive Affirmations

Each morning before you even get out of bed, I challenge you to speak 5 positive affirmations out loud.

It is amazing how this works. Those affirmations will stay locked in your brain all day because you not only spoke them, you heard them.

Just think of positive things about or for you:

  • I am wise!
  • Yes, I am a beautiful person!
  • I can succeed at anything I set out to accomplish!
  • Etc…

Rituals #4: Morning Exercise

An early morning jog, walk or bike ride is a great way to get your blood flowing smoothly and be prepared for a day of business activities.

Exercise does a body and mind good.

Rituals #5: Get 7 Hugs

You know, I did a video awhile back about how my wife and I keep a great relationship flowing all the time.

I am going to share that video with you, but first let me tell you that positive force can move out into other areas.

So let me just challenge you, and don’t be weird about it, but go out and get 7 hugs from people everyday.

You will see some amazing results.

Rituals #6: Postpone

Everyone of us have at least one bad habit.

And the problem comes with trying brute force willpower to overcome that habit. We try but often we fail.

I shouldn’t eat sweets…

The sweet neighbor lady brings that plate of cookies and our willpower becomes no power.

There is a better way according to Epictetus again. Postpone; don’t tell yourself no, just tell yourself later.

And then you find something different to take its place. Replacing a bad habit with a good habit is much easier than trying to eradicate a bad habit.

Rituals #7: Fast

Sometimes we start taking some of what we have for granted. We must learn to be grateful for those items once again.

I am going to use coffee as an example. I am sure that a vast amount of my readers love coffee. But are you taking your coffee for granted. Is it the delight it used to be, or do you just swallow your coffee without being grateful for it?

Maybe it is time for a coffee fast.

Try going without coffee for 2 or 3 days and you will gain the coffee love you once had.

Fasting has been used for centuries. It does not necessarily have to be food or drink; you can fast with nearly anything.

  • A Facebook fast
  • An internet fast
  • Fasting from television

Yes, fasting can help us realize the great things we do have.


Do you have any rituals you follow that help you live peacefully, happy and prosperous? Feel free to share them with us.

I hope this helps you and I also want to share something else I developed that can help: I challenge you to 7 Days to Unstoppable Motivation.

Get The Challenge Started Here!

You know what?

I have faith in you, so have faith in yourself!

I love you all.

To The Top!

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