If you think of the Real Estate profession and I ask you, “who has the power, the buyer or the seller?”

Everyone would answer, the Buyer….right? That’s typically true because they hold the Money.

This is the same in the Network Marketing profession….I get asked all the time “Why do I have such a hard time convincing people to join my business?”….and I tell them, because you must not have a high level of perceived value to your prospect.

There are only two ways to shift the power to You…the “seller”. One, is to have made a lot of money and recognition in your home business….you can show paychecks with $10’s of thousands of dollars and cars, boats, homes, planes, etc….This provides alot of power because people want that lifestyle, they want that dream!

Now, the rest of the 97% that does not have that power…the second way to shift the power from the buyer to the seller is “Information” or “knowledge” into a subject of HIGH VALUE to your prospect.

Think of it this way….if your prospect was one month away from filing bankruptcy and you had “information” about a simple proven solution that works EVERYTIME….who has the Power?

Information is SOOOOO powerful! The challenge is most Network Marketers think they can join a home business and that the product will sell itself…it doesn’t. People buy from people they like, trust, respect, and VALUE!!

You will hear me say all the time…”Leaders are Readers”! This is because they are constantly learning new ideas, tips, insights, relationship cues, etc….this information is priceless and is why people value them and want to learn from them.

I am going to give you some of THE most powerful information for free right now. This is from Kiplingers magazine and there are two tools that 95% of Americans don’t understand and know….which will change their lives!

Click here to check it out: http://youtu.be/VzhP78de-hQ

(see the links right below the video)


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