Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts at times? It isn’t always easy staying positive. When Murphy’s Law is working to perfection, I have watched highly positive people dive into a negative abyss.

But that negative side does no good. There is no benefit in it. So staying positive should be a priority for all of us.

Staying positive does require some work. It is not always a natural reaction. To help you, I am going to provide you with various tips, habits and exercises to help you stay positive even in the midst of a negative environment.

Staying Positive Habit #1: Grateful Morning

Each morning immediately upon waking up, name 5 to 10 things you are grateful for. Same them aloud to yourself. This is a great daily habit to keep your attitude in a positive state throughout the day.

Staying Positive Habit #2: Speak Affirmations

As you go through your day, just speak positive affirmations to yourself every once in awhile. Pick 2-3 affirmations that fit your current state.

  1. “I will be better every day!”
  2. “I am going to exceed my goals!”
  3. “Life is wonderful!”

Those are just 3 examples.

Staying Positive Tip #3: Realize

One of the keys to staying positive is realizing that positive thoughts and actions come from an internal source and not an external one.

Being positive is a choice and the sooner you realize that it is a choice, the better.

Staying Positive Exercise #4: Stay Active

People who are active don’t have time to be negative. As a matter of fact, being active is positive in itself. When you are active, you are trying to reach a goal. The only way to reach a goal is through positive forces.

Idleness can lead to negative thoughts, so don’t be idle.

Staying Positive Tip #5: Proper Sleep

Experts all agree that improper sleep patterns lead to negative thoughts and actions.

It is wise to get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep every night. Make sure that your sleeping area is comfortable with little noise and light, a good mattress and pillow.

Good sleep patterns lead to a less stressful and more positive life.

Staying Positive Tip #6: Erase Negative Forces

Sometimes we put ourselves in a negative environment when we could have chosen a positive environment.

Let’s look at some choices that could be made that would erase some negative forces:

  • Read the negative news every morning – Read a chapter out of The Power of Positive Thinking each morning
  • Attend a political “slug-fest” – Go to a network marketing motivational event

Those are just a couple of examples, but who we associate with and where we go can help determine our state of attitude.

Staying Positive Exercise #7: Help Other People

It is quite impossible to be negative when you are helping other people. As an entrepreneur, you are a problem solver. Help people by solving their problems. Be the positive force in their negative atmosphere.

Staying Positive Tip #8: Respond With Only Positives

It may be difficult at first, but learn to always respond with positive words or nothing at all.

Learn to find something positive to say in response to even the negative comments that people will say.

“All this rain… This weather sucks.” Response “The plants and trees will bloom nicely this year.”

“The government is raising taxes again. I hate taxes.” Response “Business has been great. It seems people are still spending money.”

In time, those people that are spewing negative comments will realize that you are going to respond with positives. Hopefully, your positive attitude will rub off on them.

Staying Positive Habit #9: Do What You Love

There will be tasks we do not care for that must be done. I suggest you try to delegate or outsource those tasks as much as possible.

Stick with your passions. Make sure that your days are full of doing things you love to do. If you love doing it, it really isn’t work is it?

Make sure and spend time with your loved ones and find ways to have fun on a consistent basis.

Staying Positive IS A Choice!

You have the power every minute of every day to decide if you will be positive or negative. Do not allow situations to have control over your attitude.

I made this video some time ago and it falls right in place with today’s post. So, learn the power of positive words.

I know that a positive outlook leads to a successful life.

So with that, I recommend that you get the FREE Training Course: 7 Days of Unstoppable Motivation. This video series will take you down that path that will lead you To The Top.

Hey, do you have any questions or feedback about today’s post? Just leave them in the comment section below.

Thank you for stopping by and may your business and life take you

To The Top!

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