Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies for entrepreneurs. Putting a project off for various reasons or failing to meet with, or network with others can entail a huge loss.

There are many reasons a person may procrastinate:

  • Maybe you are not organized.
  • Possibly you feel your skill sets are not up to par.
  • Or maybe you think the tasks you must do seem unpleasant.
  • Or you just may be overwhelmed with everything you have going on at this period of time.

No matter what the reason, procrastination will not help. It can actually make things worse. So you need to stop procrastinating.

Here are 8 tips to help you.

Stop Procrastinating Tip #1: Break Your Tasks Into Chunks

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when we look at a complete task that needs to be done. But if you break that task into smaller chunks, little tasks, you will discover that the complete task is easier.

By doing it this way, you take away that overwhelming picture and you complete small images.

Stop Procrastinating Tip #2: Ask Yourself Why

Determining why you are procrastinating is of utmost importance. If it falls into disorganization, you probably need to start scheduling your day. You need to plan.

If you think you don’t have the skills, seek help or study to attain the skills you need.

If it falls into the category of being unpleasant, you first should look at the reason you became an entrepreneur. No matter what we do or where we are, there will be unpleasant things we have to do.

And if you are simply overwhelmed, maybe you should consider delegating or outsourcing some of your work.

Stop Procrastinating Tip #3: Change Your Environment

Sometimes one of the biggest procrastination causes is the environment we are in. If there are distractions around you, you could get caught up in them and push off what you should be doing.

Many entrepreneurs work at home. Maybe the kids are playing video games or your spouse cannot stop asking you questions.

It can help if you just change rooms, rent a shared work space, or even just go do your work at an internet cafe.

Stop Procrastinating Tip #4: Find Someone That Will Hold You Accountable

If you have a person, possibly a mentor, that you can tell your daily or weekly goals to and you have to be accountable to them, you will find yourself procrastinating far less.

Just knowing you have to answer to someone will work on you.

Stop Procrastinating Tip #5: Block The Social Temptations

Social media has created procrastinators out of many people. If you are drawn too often to check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even your email, there are many programs online now that will help you overcome those temptations.

You could use:

These programs have helped many entrepreneurs beat procrastination.

Stop Procrastinating Tip #6: Realize That Perfect Never Comes

Perfectionists can be the biggest procrastinators. They start the project but feel that it isn’t meeting the level of perfection. They put it off until they figure out how to make it perfect, but perfect is not actually possible.

I go by the rule, send it then mend it.

If you have it 80% perfect when it’s released, you can make adjustments after you find where they are needed. You may discover in the minds of consumers, your idea is nearly perfect at the 80%.

Stop Procrastinating Tip #7: Fill Your Day With Positive Affirmations

Negative thoughts and people can lead to procrastination. Get the negative out. Stay clear of people who bring you down. Put positive quotes and images around you. Give yourself a positive push several times per day by saying something like, “I am doing great today!”

Procrastination will run from positivism.

Stop Procrastinating Tip #8: Delegate

Sometimes the fact that we have so much work to do, we push it all to the side in a rebellish state of procrastination.

Take some of the stuff off your plate. Delegate the tasks that you can. Outsource some tasks.

Lighten your load and you will stop procrastinating.


Don’t let procrastination take any control in your business and life. It is your enemy!

By following these tips, I know you will defeat the enemy and take control of your entrepreneurship.

And remember that a vacation may help too.

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Let’s take your business…

To The Top!

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