Success – The Power Of Gratitude

If you genuinely desire to bring into your life whatever that you prefer, then begin with valuing all that you have now. If you focus on all the absence in your life, you get more absence.

Like attracts Like….

Our action is that your desires are the life-blood running through your veins. Can you think of living each day with the idea that you have currently satisfied every desire? Desires are not the absence of something; they are the guarantee of what is yet to come.

Understanding that there is no lack– just desires yet to be satisfied, you can unwind, value, and take pleasure in all that is currently in your life. If you desire to be better, and meet your desires even quicker, attempt this workout: take a couple of minutes a number of times a every day to see and value some of the things in your life that you would miss out on if they were no longer in your experience.
Do not error that we’re stating choose what you have. To the contrary, we’re stating enjoy what you have, while completely expecting the satisfaction of all you want. The point is to totally value whatever you have, which will cause experiencing whatever you desire.

One thing I talk about alot is a “gratitude vase” that my wife and daughter still to this day fill out a sticky note and write 3 things we are grateful for that day.  This helps to keep us present to how precious and fulfilled our lives are.  We then read them together January 1 of each year to remind ourselves of the things we were grateful for last year.

Life is a journey of processes.  Remember, make one of your daily processes to do something that makes you smile, happy, and fulfilled.

Much Love!





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