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Ann Sieg Interview

This week’s guest is E-Commerce Master Trainer and Founder of the E-Commerce Business School Ann Sieg! In addition to her E-Commerce success, Ann is considered one of the pioneers of Attraction Marketing.

In this episode we discuss:

How to Identify & Avoid Toxic Communities and Relationships
The skills necessary to be a great teacher/coach
How to Strengthen the Family Economy

Show Notes:

Ann Sieg – CEO at E-Commerce Business School

– If there are gaps in learning that require a student to go from Point A to Point B, it’s the responsibility of the teacher to fill in those gaps for the student. If the student isn’t grasping it then you, the teacher need to break it down for them.

– Toxic Communities:

– Avoid Toxic Online Communities. A Toxic Community is where there is no mutual respect, no moderation and no sharing of differing views.

– People can feel tangibly disrespected when their fears are not acknowledged.

– No one’s emotions can be judged, your emotions are your emotions.

– “Good learning doesn’t happen in an environment of toxicity, it happens when you feel love and respected as a person”

– “Our systems will get you there, where you want to be, but you’ve got to show up willing and able to run”

– The number one skillset you need to have in the 21st century is the ability to adapt. You adapt or you die.

5 Questions:

  1. My purpose is….To help as many people as possible find their god given calling on earth
  2. My Vision is…To Strengthen The Family Economy
  3. I am….Determined
  4. It all comes down to…Focus
  5. What I understand best is…Building Teams of People

I hope you enjoyed the insights and knowledge from Ann Sieg and take the time to listen to years of experience in building an e-commerce business.

Let us know what you thought of this interview below.

To The Top!

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