Mark Laisure – Futurist & Change Management Coach

Show Notes:

– As children our lives are like a camera, we’re recording and taking mental pictures of what people tell us. Parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, church leaders, etc. We are building our worldview during this period.

– When we hit 8 or 9 we are no longer a camera, but turn into a projector. We’re projecting what we believe on the world. Most of our opinions or emotions about things have already been formed.
– Frequency = the energy that we operate on. How do we raise our frequency?
– Your frequency is how you feel. It’s the baseline of your energy once you strip out the business obligations or things you think you have to do.
– Then ask yourself “how do I feel?” – Afraid? Insecure? Angry?

– That’s the frequency you put out, and also the frequency that you’re going to get back. You’re going to attract more people, more events that mirror the frequency you are projecting.

– Life Currency – “A culmination of your life experiences” You can’t earn Life Currency without experiencing life. You have to have successes, you have to have failures in order to earn Life Currency. You can’t cheat or buy Life Currency.

This was an amazing episode and I learned so much insight from Mark and will definitely have him back on the PubCast.

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Eric Tippetts


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