Sam Caster Interview:

In this weeks episode of The Abundance Pubcast / The Insider’s Edge host Eric Tippetts sits down with Sam Caster – CEO, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Manna Relief, a non-profit providing proper nutrition to undernourished children around the world!

In this episode we discuss:

1. The Power of Giving

2. How “Belief” is your biggest asset

3. How traveling opens your eyes to help understand the needs of others

Show Notes:

Sam Caster – CEO, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of Manna Relief – Because I had traveled 365 days per year for 3 years, I started college and life with a perspective that would not have been available without my travel experience. For the rest of my life I thought that nothing was impossible. There is nothing we can’t achieve with the right set of circumstances and mindset.

– How can you break the status quo? Status quo is the biggest enemy of change and opportunity. How do I invent disruptive technologies that can change things for the better?

– The most successful people are the people that have these 2 qualities:

1. Belief. Belief in what you’re doing. Belief is the one thing that you can’t teach.

2. Dedication to some simple disciplines. It’s easy to say “I’m going to do this”, but successful people do it daily, weekly, monthly instead of talking about it.

– Convergence = Finding what you’re really passionate about, linking it to what you’re really good at, and then finding a way to monetize it.

– We all want to belong to something bigger than ourselves, but it’s hard to do each day as you’re trying to survive. We typically don’t want to talk about what we’re doing or share with someone else unless we feel it’s something bigger.

5 Questions:

My purpose is…To Impact the World

My Vision is…To Bring the Most Important Technology to the World’s Children

I am….Anointed for Business

It all comes down to…A Few Disciplines

What I understand best is…How to Provide an Unprecedented Opportunity For Everybody in Life That Wants to Go Beyond Themselves

Hope you enjoyed this weeks guest as much as we did! We CAN make a difference together!

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Much Love,

Eric Tippetts 

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