I am so fired up! After all, just a short time ago, I met with the King of entrepreneur podcasts, John Lee Dumas. You see, JLD and his wife Kate founded and host Entrepreneurs On Fire and I was invited.

Stoked to be interviewed by JLD who has interviewed many other top names like

  • Tony Robbins
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Seth Godin
  • and many others

As a matter of fact, I was interview 1969.

It was a great day as I was also interviewed on KUTV and KSL television too.

I guess this means that I AM an entrepreneur on fire. LOL!

What The Interviews Were About

Over the years, I have been a part of some amazing things, but I believe I have come upon the most amazing thing yet.

You know, I have my piece in developing The Expense Tracker that helps entrepreneurs manage their budget. It has been a hit!

And the Rocket Recruiting App that has helped many network marketers build massive downlines.

I speak at events and write blog posts helping other entrepeneurs. And I wrote and published the book, To The Top.

My brain is always spinning…


And then… Blockchain was developed and we became aware of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

I said to myself, “Eric, this blockchain can be used in so many other ways.” I researched and learned all I could about this technological marvel called blockchain. I then started networking with like-minded people and discovered through my travels to Hong Kong and Singapore that there are others who are thinking the way I am.

Blockchain Will Explode!

I know there are some who feel that cryptocurrencies will do the opposite. They say it will implode and I will not debate that issue. But what I do believe is blockchain is here to stay.

Blockchain technology can be helpful for governments, infrastructure, corporations, small businesses and even families. Because the blockchain in its ways and means is perfect. No one can alter a completed blockchain.

Just think, every single record can be verified if it was entered into the blockchain. And the person verifying or any other person cannot change one dot or tittle of that record. If it says Eric Tippetts paid $12 and owes $4… It is fact! I cannot say I paid $12.48 because the blockchain has it written essentially in granite.

So it just makes sense that this system can be put to use in everyday life in all forms.

That Is What JLD From Fire Nation Interviewed Me About

I am a co-founder of Nasgo. Nasgo is designed to bring blockchain technology to every walk of life.

With Dapps, which are blockchain apps, anyone, anywhere can use a blockchain system for everything from managing finances to selling goods and even keeping track of the kid’s allowances and the tasks they have done at home.

And just think, Nasgo can provide cloud server technology with the blockchain that can allow you to sell in places where your IPO was originally blocked. Maybe that farmer in Burma would be interested in the water filter you have… With Nasgo and blockchain technology, he would not have even known about your filter but now he can know about it AND purchase it.

Without going further, you should go listen to the interview.

Head Over To Fire Nation Now!

I know you will enjoy this podcast. So go to Fire Nation’s Podcast 1969 with yours truly and John Lee Dumas here.

After listening to the podcast, go to Nasgo.com and follow these directions to get 10 NSG for free.

  • Register for a free account
  • Use promo code FIRENATION
  • You will soon see 10 free NSG in your account.


When the Mainnet goes live, you can use the NSG for building Dapps or if you want, you can save your NSG and watch the value rise.

Come be a part of the blockchain revolution as we take entrepreneurs…

To The Top!

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