Some entrepreneurs do not realize the importance of their domain name. Your domain name, like a business name, is the first impression prospective customers, clients, investors, etc… will get.

If you were looking for a high quality necklace for your significant other, which would be your first choice out of these 3:

  3. ???

Since 2 of these are actual websites… well #1 is up for sale, I linked them.

But if you really consider the all in all, most people would choose to visit #2 first wouldn’t they?

Your domain name is ultra important, so I am going to offer a variety of tips in choosing one.

Just use these tips when choosing your domain:

Domain Name Tip #1: Get The .Com

Dot com names are like gold in a pile of coal. While dot net names rank high, you should try in all your power to attain the dot com name.

If it is sold, you may want to try hiring an intermediary to purchase it. I also suggest you try to purchase the same name in the dot net, dot biz and even dot info.

That doesn’t mean you have to build separate websites, just have them all redirect to your dot com.

Domain Name Tip #2: No Typos

Some businesses think that using U for you or similar slang will work. Many have used xpress instead of express and unless they have really enhanced their SEO, when a person is searching, they will not discover the business.

I suggest trying to stay away from typos if possible.

Domain Name Tip #3: Brainstorm Session

You should have a brainstorm session with your tribe. Have everyone write a list of potential names and do not search for availability until you have them all.

A great tool is Dot-O-Mator.

Now go through the lists and pick 8 to 10 contenders. You can then go check to see if they are available. You can do that here.

Domain Name Tip #4: Brand Rules Over Generic

Getting a keyword into your domain name may sound great, but you need to consider the competition. How many of your competitors are using that same keyword in their domain name?

It can be much more beneficial to build your brand name.

A great example is my own website. I use my name because it IS my brand. If I were to use anything to do with entrepreneur, networking, etc…, I would be battling a long list of competitors.

Now don’t get me wrong; if you can integrate a keyword to help people understand your business, that is great. But if it is boring and hard to remember, you may be losing website visitors.

Domain Name Tip #5: Register As The Owner

You may decide to hire a freelance firm to purchase and build your website, but you need to make sure that you are registered as the website owner.

If by chance, you decide to sell at some time in the future, you do not want that freelancer’s name on the ownership deed.

This has happened and was quite costly to the person.

Domain Name Tip #6: Stay Clear Of Trademarked Names And/Or Names Similar To Other Websites

Buying a website that carries a known trademarked name within it can cause you huge problems in the long run. I suggest you check this site beforehand:

Another issue can come if you purchase a site that is close to the name of another website. You may find negative reviews toward you that was geared toward them.

One scam company actually did that to the network marketing company NuSkin. They registered SkinNu and have caused a huge stir; so you may want to consider purchasing variables and redirecting those domains to your primary website.

Domain Name Tip #7: Pay Extra For Domain Privacy Protection

Unless you enjoy getting spammed, I suggest you pay the little more for domain privacy protection.

Anyone can get your contact information if you don’t and believe me, spammers see that as a gold mine.

Domain Name Tip #8: Do Not Use Hyphens Or Numbers

Both numbers and hyphens can confuse people searching. It is best to just not use them at all.


The best tip of all is: put yourself in the searcher’s place; use empathy and you will find the right name.

Remember that the shorter the name, the better. But most of the real short domain names have been purchased.

There are websites where you can make contests and have people give names. That can be fun and interesting and you can even stipulate that the domain must be for sale.

Do you have any added suggestions for choosing a domain name? Any questions?

Just post them in the comment section below.

I hope this helps you in your journey to building a massive business.

By the way, have you read my book yet? It is a blueprint to be prosperous. You can get your copy of To The Top here.

Thank you for stopping by…

To The Top!

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