As entrepreneurs, we can learn a lot from those monster corporations that have what are mediocre products but are gaining rising revenues on a daily basis. Just consider a well known worldwide fast food franchise corporation that sells hamburgers that have a taste that resembles a cardboard box.

And there is the restaurant ½ block away that makes those genuine hamburgers that taste like cow heaven.

But the fast food franchise has customers far exceeding the restaurant.


Because they made their brand stand out

People know about them and they make it easy for people to eat the cardboard. They attract that selling point others don’t consider… the children. Their marketing methods work.

But the restaurant with the great burgers could have better results if they just followed some basic tips on how to stand out better.

I want to help that restaurant, as well as other entrepreneurs learn some simple tips on making their brand… Their business… Their selves stand out!

I hope these tips will help you and all other entrepreneurs you share this post with.

Make your brand stand out by using professional images

There are certain areas that you may want to cut costs but images are not one of those places. Make sure that all images you use are professional. Your social media images need to be high quality. Your website photos need to be the best of the best.

Just take the images of the fast food franchise; those pictures make the hamburger look juicy and delightful. Now hold the burger you purchased next to the image… I think you will see my point.

Make your brand stand out by studying your competitors

You can learn a lot from the competition. You can use similar concepts, or change it up in a different direction.

As an example, if I owned the restaurant with the great burgers, I would attack the fast food place with a tagline such as: Our burgers look better than the picture and taste like hamburger heaven.

I would then try to find advertising areas near the fast food place and have an arrow saying just ½ block away.

Great football teams study the other team before they compete against them. Entrepreneurs need to use the same strategy.

Make your brand stand out by utilizing an influencer

It can be amazing how your sales can rocket to the moon just by having an influential person give your brand some recognition. It could be a politician, an actor or a musician. If you can have them tweet your brand or be seen using your brand, believe me, other people will want to use your brand.

You know, I think I saw Sylvester Stallone reading To The Top.

Your branding needs to be amazing

You need to go to extreme measures to make your packaging, your website, your business card… everything about your branding needs to be amazing. It needs to stand apart from everyone else.

I suggest that as you come up with ideas, start asking people you trust will be honest with their feedback.

Keep in mind that many customers choose just by the impression they gain from the packaging or website.

Make your brand stand out by telling your story

Everyone loves a story, so tell your story.

  • How did you become an entrepreneur?
  • How did the brand come to be?
  • What challenges did you face?

Just tell your story and watch how many people come to listen… And buy.

Share testimonials to make your brand stand out

When you have happy customers, just ask them for a testimonial. Most customers will be overjoyed to provide a testimonial and it never hurts to offer them a discount on their next purchase for doing so.

When potential customers see statements from real people about how great your product is, they WILL buy.

You can make your brand stand out by being social on social media

When people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets see the CEO making posts and replying to comments, they listen.

So many business owners and entrepreneurs think they are above replying on social media outlets. They have virtual assistants handle this task and, I believe their business suffers because of it.

It always impresses me when a high level person in a corporation responds to social media posts and questions. You can impress others too by using that strategy.

Make your brand stand out by educating via blogging

The days of high pressure sales are long past. The best selling method these days is with education. And you can educate potential customers with a blog.

Just as I do on this blog, teaching you about the best methods to succeed at being an entrepreneur.

I must be honest, my goal is sales and I know that a certain amount of readers will desire more. They may want:

So through teaching others, we can gain sales.

Make customer service a priority and your brand WILL stand out

The best advertiser in the history of business is word of mouth. If you treat customers well, they will tell a few people, but if you have bad customer service, they will tell the whole world.

Take care of your customers and your customers will take care of you.


I know these tips will help you make your brand stand out.

Do you have any tips you would add? Do you have any questions? Just post them in the comment section and I will give you an answer.

Have you seen this video I made some time back?

Take a moment and learn that you DO design your ultimate life as an entrepreneur. And then do me a big favor and share this post on social media.

To The Top

Eric Tippetts

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