7 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Success

your biggest enemy

We often hear the words, “Think it, imagine it and you will have it.” But many people follow this system and suddenly scream “It isn’t working!”

They know it has worked for others and they are putting in the work, setting goals and it seems that what they imagine has fallen into a black pit.


I would be apt to say that their biggest enemy is sabotaging them. And that enemy looks at them daily in the mirror.

Let me ask, does this resonate with you?

Maybe, your biggest enemy is sabotaging your success. Yes… Here are 7 ways you may be sabotaging your success. It is time to put your enemy in its place and get back on the success path.

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy #1: Rewarding Yourself With The Problem

A good example here is, you just saved money, so you run out and spend it on something not needed.

Maybe you had set a goal to save money and foolishly spending that savings as a reward for meeting your goal is absurd.

Find ways to reward yourself that do not defeat the purpose.

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy #2: Fear

Fear can be a destroyer. If you are allowing fear to control your every move, every decision, you are sabotaging your success.

The only way you can find success is to do things you fear. I am not saying you put yourself in the path of harm, but don’t allow fear to be your decision maker. Could it fail? Sure… But it could also succeed. You will not know either way unless you bypass fear and just go for it.

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy #3: Procrastinating

Putting off a task you know you should do today is self-sabotage at its best. In any business, there are things that need to be done, but no one like doing them.

But they must be done! Pushing them off will not make it any easier. What usually happens a pile of things no one wanted to do suddenly are needing to be done at the last minute and you will be overly stressed.

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy #4: Not Taking Time To Learn New Skills

As humans, we should always be in a “learning” mode.

  • Read books
  • Join webinars
  • attend seminars and training events
  • Take courses
  • etc…

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy #5: Errors Crush You

You will make mistakes. We all do! But what happens after you make an error? Do you sulk for days and take it out on those around you?

That is sabotage!

You simply “own” the mistake and move forward. I am not telling you to forget it, because it is a learning tool so you do not make a similar mistake in the future.

Forgive yourself and do what you need to do to “right” the mistake and keep your business on pace.

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy #6: Comparing Yourself

Just because your competitor is having success in a certain area and you are not is no reason to compare yourself to him/her. Odds are, you are succeeding in an area they are not and you will not recognize that by playing the “compare” game.

It is okay to learn from your competitor’s actions as long as you don’t try to compare your system to his/hers.

If I compared myself to many other entrepreneurs, I would see all the negatives and few positives. The same is true for you.

Who Is Your Biggest Enemy #7: Perfectionism

If you are waiting til everything is perfect, you may as well get a pillow and blanket because you will be waiting a very long time. It will never be perfect.

My suggestion is… Start and make changes as you go to make it better. Listen to your customers and they will tell you how to make it better.


I have a challenge for you… Go to the mirror right now. Look at it and say, “I don’t want to be enemies anymore. I want to be your friend… Your best friend.

Now treat yourself as a friend would treat a friend.

It works, so try it. And while you are at it, click here to get a free training course: 7 Days To Unstoppable Motivation

Have a great day and we will see you on the climb

To The Top!

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