I listened to an audio book a couple months ago titled: The Morning Miracle for Salespeople – by Hal Elrod.  He gives many different perspectives from top Sales reps around the world and what secrets really took them to the top of their game.

One concept that really caught my ear and I have implemented it the last 2 months to be more conscious of it’s effects.  The concept is this:

“Be committed to your daily processes not the emotions of the results”

What this means is that if I focus on my daily process of meditation, exercise, follow up, and sales calls….even though that day might not have had “closes” or “sales” on those calls….I know that the daily consistency of working the processes will lead to the attraction of the results I am looking for.

I watch too many people do what I have always done, which is; get inspired and go out and do a ton of work and not see the results and get bummed out.  This creates high high’s and low low’s!  I was riding a roller coaster of inconsistency in my life both personal and professional.

Once I stopped worrying about the results and just focused on getting my processes completed daily…I started to see results come like crazy because I was consistent in building the foundation for massive growth.

Here’s my story or another way of looking at it.  I have always loved the ocean and sunshine.  As a young man, I went to Europe traveling from country to country and ended up running out of money.  I got a job renting out sunbeds and umbrella’s in IOS, Greece.  I would sit out in the sun all day with ZERO sunblock (typically putting baby oil on my face) to get the maximum suntan I could.  I absolutely damaged my skin but hey, I was young.  I love to surf and just be outdoors.  Because of these passions I have also damaged my face with the constant burns and no sunblock.

As I have gotten older, I have started to notice dark spots and melasma spots because of the damage on my skin.  So frustrating and it became so bad that I would sometimes wear my wife’s makeup just to hide the dark spots.

I was flying to Hong Kong and saw an ad for a product that uses “light”, green, yellow, and red light to penetrate your skin to start to repair damages from the past.

I started using it and saw zero results.  I was only supposed to use it for 30 seconds a day….but of course because I didn’t see immediate results I would do it for 2 minutes.  This just made my skin so dry and irritated.

So I committed to using it for 30 seconds a day, but everyday, and for 1 year.  Everyday as I woke up, I would wash my face and apply this light for 30 seconds on my face.

…Just 30 seconds a day!

About month 10, my wife said to me “Wow, that light is really working…your skin looks so clear”.  I kissed her and said that is the best compliment ever!  Lol!  It was just the fact that someone was noticing results and I was too.  There really wasn’t much results within the first 10 months but something happened by month 10-12.  My face literally had transformed and the dark spots were mostly gone!  The red and dark were virtually gone!

I have applied this 30 second process in my daily routine and my skin is younger looking today at 42 years old than it was at 30 year old.

I committed to the process daily not the result of the process each day.  The result came later when I had put the consistent work in.

I believe anyone can achieve anything….any result, if you commit to the process of achieving this result everyday without a timeline.  Just focus on the process….next thing you will lift your head up and have the results!

To The Top Book by Eric Tippetts

How You Can Become Process-Orientated

If you’re seriously committed to your goals, it isn’t enough to occasionally attempt new behaviors: You need to decide what you want and identify the behaviors of the kind of person who already has it. You must make those behaviors daily habits and a part of your identity.

When you commit to a process over an outcome, you redirect your focus on what is within you inner locus of control; discipline, motivation and organization to name a few, drive the actions needed to necessitate the outcome you’re moving towards.

If your outcome is to write a book, your process isn’t to write when you feel inspired, it’s to become a writer; the kind of person who writes daily, regardless of their motivation, and is focused on improving their craft.

If you outcome is to quit your job and start your own business, your process isn’t to develop your business when you’re bored, it’s to become an entrepreneur; the kind of person who grows their business every day because that’s what they’re passionate about.

If your outcome is to lose weight, your process isn’t to become a dieter (the word “dieter” implies you’re not in it for the long haul) it’s to become a foodie; the kind of person who loves eating healthy food and doesn’t need to resist the temptation of fatty foods: Given the choice, it’s a no-brainer.

A Final Word

When you’re committed to the process, you always win because you’re improving daily. You’re constantly moving towards what you want because of the tiny actions you’re taking. There is one caveat to this: You have to constantly and never-ending improve the process you’re using.

Galt’s Law argues any complex system evolved from the one that preceded it, so err on the side of simplicity to begin with. Don’t make it overly complicated by setting yourself unrealistic expectations, you can always improve it.

In other words, if you want to become a writer, don’t decide to write 1,000 words every day if you’ve never done it before. Write 100 and gradually increase it when you feel ready. Don’t burn yourself out, you’re in it for the long-term, remember?

In closing, decide what you want and the kind of person you’re going to have to be. Ask yourself: “What am I going to have to do consistently in order to have what I want” and commit to the process that’ll help you achieve it and refine it along the way.

The outcome – or one you haven’t even considered – will inevitably be a positive one. That, you can believe in.

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