As an entrepreneur, there are certain behaviors and traits that can sabotage your path to success. Some of these behaviors are instilled in us at young ages while others we pick up somewhere in life. But to have entrepreneurial success, it is imperative that you recognize what behaviors are detrimental to your success and delete them however you possibly can.

Some behaviors can be halted immediately, and others you may need to seek help to get them out. But the first step is recognizing the behavior that is holding you back and you can then do what needs to be done to erase it.

I am going to tell you 10 behaviors that can harm you in the entrepreneur path you have chosen so you can make the needed changes to take them out of the process.

#1 Behavior: Feeling sorry for yourself

When things don’t go as planned, successful entrepreneurs don’t even waste time feeling sorry for themselves. The “poor me” approach does nothing but cause ulcers and is not solving anything. The successful entrepreneur takes responsibility, makes the needed changes and keeps moving forward.

There is just no time to feel sorry.

#2 Behavior: Dwelling on negative thoughts

As an entrepreneur, I guarantee you will come across people who just stink of negative. Anything you say will have a negative response come from these people. If you allow them to, those negatives can ingrain themselves into your thinking process.

I would first recommend that you stay as far from these kind of people as possible.

If the negatives seem to be coming from that little area of your own brain, I have found that the best offense is to start speaking positives. Oral positives are a perfect cure for mental negatives.

#3 Behavior: Doubting decisions

Face it, you will make decisions sometimes that doesn’t pan out the way you hoped. But, should you doubt the next decision?


As an entrepreneur, you will find that you are in the decision driving seat quite often. If you start doubting the decisions you make, you will create chaos in your inner being and with the people you are close to.

Just assume the decision you make is the best one and if it isn’t, oh well. Make another decision.

#4 Behavior: Being naive

I just had to put this under the decision making behavior. There is a difference between making decisions and being naive in your decision making process. Use some sense and research the possible outcomes and use that to make the best decision possible.

If Johnny just came off a situation in which he was being investigated for fraud and asks you to partner with him in a real estate venture, do you think this would be wise? Wouldn’t it be naive to say yes? (by the way, Johnny is just a name off the top of my head and does not reflect on any living or deceased persons I know or am acquainted with.)

#5 Behavior: Fearing challenges

Let me first say that if you fear challenges, being an entrepreneur may not be your calling. As an entrepreneur, each day is full of challenges and for me, they are exciting. Sure they may be slightly scary, but that is the exciting part. It is somewhat like jumping from that plane for the first time and pulling that cord to have the parachute gently take us to the Earth’s surface.

It was scary but exciting, and you jumped. That is what entrepreneurs do.

#6 Behavior: Not having compassion

There is a common thought pattern among many non-entrepreneurs that to be a strong business person you cannot show compassion or empathy towards others. That successful business people are cruel and heartless.

I disagree!

I believe the most successful entrepreneurs show compassion and empathy and love their fellow humans.

#7 Behavior: Expecting it will be easy

No one should ever mislead you and say that entrepreneur success is easy.

It isn’t easy, but it is fun, exciting and rewarding.

It takes hard work, diligence and faith in your own abilities. Profits do not just fall off the money tree… They are made through hard work.

#8 Behavior: Not being focused on the here and now

If you are always looking at the past and dwelling on the successes or failures back then, or you are only dwelling on the future and “what could be,” and not looking at the here and now, you are setting yourself up for failure.

It is good to learn from the past and to set goals for the future but the focus needs to be on right now!

#9 Behavior: Insanity

I use this term because it is the definition of someone who does the same thing over and over expecting different results.

If you try something and it doesn’t work, you have to make changes, otherwise you are using an insane behavior.

#10 Behavior: Perfection

I have yet to meet the perfect entrepreneur. Some may be close, but none of us are perfect. While we hope that are creations are perfect, they won’t be. So move forward and understand that good enough is good enough and as you discover a better way, you will have to use what you have.

So get rid of those behaviors

If any of the above behaviors are a part of your life, I suggest that you do anything you can to eradicate them. They will sabotage your entrepreneur journey.

If you need help on ways to remove them, feel free to comment or contact me and we will find a way to get you out of that behavior.

While we are at it, I want to help you become profitable quickly. The 7 Days To Profitabilty training course is yours free just by visiting here and signing up.

Thank you for visiting today and please share this with all other potential entrepreneurs.

To The Top!

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