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14 Crucial Elements to Write a Facebook Ad That Works!

Facebook advertising is a platform that allows businesses to increase their brand awareness and sales through enhance targeting, different platforms, while having creative flexibility.
Facebook advertising can be an extremely rewarding experience finding your “perfect” customer or team member.
Here are 14 Crucial Elements to Write a Facebook Ad that Works:

Be Authentic:

Write in your voice. The more genuine to you and your brand, the better…


Try to use one word (or a one syllable word) to say the same thing in place of 2 or 3 words
(or 2 to 3 to 4 syllables). Simple words work best.

Write For Homer:

Ad copy should be written to a 5th grade reading level. Write for Homer (the Simpson)
not Hawking (the astrophysicist). 🙂

Front-Load The Benes:

Front-end-load benefit and or questions. Most people read headlines and maybe one more line if
you’re lucky so don’t wait to put in the good stuff.

Insert Bold Questions:

Consider using a question in the post copy first line and the headline. Say the same in both spots in a
slightly different way usually or reword it in a statement in one or the other.

Answer Immediately:

Give the benefit answer to the question on the line under the question.

Use Revealing Words:

Use words like “Discover” “Reveal” “Astonishing” and “New” where appropriate.

“You” Rules:

Use “you” in your ad copy as much as possible. People only care about themselves, not you the writer.
Rarely if ever, use the word “I” in your copy.

Use Brackets:

When you announce something, frame it with brackets: [FREE Webclass], [FREE Training],
[Brand New Video Tutorial] [Attention Business Owner] [Business Coach?]


Capitalize the words you want to emphasize, but don’t overdo it.

Love The Ellipsis:

Whenever possible, insert an ellipsis (…) where appropriate. In some cases, encase it in brackets: […]

Mix It Up:

Test Ultra Short, Short, Long and Long Ass copy to see which works best.

Facebook CTA:

Pick a Facebook Call to Action button that makes sense. “Learn More” if they really need to learn more,
“Sign Up” if they really have to sign up, etc. Consider not using a call to action button if it looks too “salesy”.


Insert a call to action if it makes sense such as: “Click Here to Register Today Before It Sells Out” or “Click
Here to Grab Your Spot” or “Get Yours NOW Before Your Buddies”. In most cases, leave it blank or insert
your company URL for branding.
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Helpful Tips

Post Copy:

This should speak directly to who it’s for and why they should care. Why they should care can be defined by intrigue or /results/benefits.

Frame a Question:

Questions tend to work well as an introductory line because we as humans are genetically predisposed to find resolution. Such questions as: Want to close more sales? “Dog Whistle Call-Out”:
In many cases, when you are addressing a specific avatar, it’s a good idea to call them out in your very first line so you get targeted clicks to your ads. Such calls out as: Hey Women Coaches: Want to generate more leads without having to learning complicated marketing strategies?


This is the “what” they are getting, so this is the Lead Magnet benefit: [FREE 4-Part Video Series] Turn Conversations into Clients or FREE Sales Video Course for Women Coaches


Include a call to action – add more benefits or intrigue: Register on the next page for Free Instant Access to an exclusive, dynamic sales training I designed
from years of coaching women to close the sale without feeling pitchy or salesy.


Restate the call to action or for branding just include business name or website URL. A call to action may be: CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION

CTA (Call to Action)

Unless absolutely necessary, don’t use a CTA button as it “makes the ad look like and ad”

I hope you enjoyed this blog, 14 Crucial Elements to Write a Facebook Ad That Works!  Please comment and share.  Thanks!

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