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3 Emotions that Cause People to Buy or Join Your MLM (Without Rejection)

You don’t know it yet, but in the next 5 minutes you are going to discover how to “Eliminate MLM Objections“, Eliminate “I Can’t Afford It”, Eliminate “I don’t have the time”.

Let me ask you a personal question.  Are you caught in the never ending struggle of overcoming objections – “I can’t afford it”… “I don’t have the time”…”Is this MLM?, etc…

Are you finding it impossible to get any traction with building a team?

Would you love to meet a prospect on an airplane and within 5 minutes having them beg you to join your business?

Well, that is exactly what happened to me by implementing knowledge you are about to discover today and with tools that help “credibalize” (Lol…I made that word up….meaning – give credibility to your information).

Watch this quick video to begin:

That example happened in less than 5 minutes.  She actually gave me a hug when we got off the plane thanking me.  That’s exciting and powerful MLM Recruiting!

The Rocket Recruiting App I talk about you can find here: RocketRecruiting2_UX

Let’s get started….

There are only 3 “triggers” that will cause someone to buy or join your MLM:

1. Pain

2. Gain

3. Fear

The key is tapping into one or more of these key “emotions” or “triggers”. If you don’t…no one is taking any action.

The challenge is 97% of Network Marketers struggle trying to “sell” on the gain emotion. Money, Dreams, Cars, recognition, etc…
This is the LEAST motivating for the long term…let me explain. I can get someone excited to buy as I have them in an emotional state of “Hope-ium”…. all the wonderful things they are going to get by joining my business…but as we all know, it takes time to build a business and what emotion kicks in when they get their first “no”?

Fear…right? “oh, my gosh this is going to be harder than I thought”….Wow, can I really succeed?What if I fail?Did I make the right decision?….Can I get my money back?…etc….

Just remember this one simple fact: People Buy Emotionally, BUT, They Justify Factually.

Meaning, unless it makes me money or provides some kind of return that is tangible, people will go into a fear state of mind and cancel…that is why the Network Marketing profession is a revolving door for many companies because they focus so much on the product and giving a new Distributor “sales material” and “product” and say “great job…now go out and build your business” but not giving the new distributor any tools to run, oh yeah, the BUSINESS….THIS IS A BUSINESS, IF YOU RUN IT LIKE A BUSINESS, IT WILL PAY YOU LIKE A BUSINESS…unless you are just a consumer of the product.

That is why I teach, Fear is a much greater motivator….go create some! One of the biggest fears is losing my MONEY!

So, if I can show you that everyday you go work your 9-5 job AND lose approx. $300-$500/month in taxes by not having a home business…basically working the first 3-4 months of each year for NOTHING.

Did I also hit “pain” with this last sentence: You are basically working the first 3-4 months per year to pay taxes.  Would anyone get angry at that?  Would anyone feel “pain” with that?  Of course they would!  I would too!

I want to be clear.  I do not advocate tax evasion or not paying your fair share in taxes BUT NOT A PENNY MORE!

Now, instead of trying to “sell” my products, I am sharing great information that can save my prospect money each month WHILE giving them the ability to share that great information and make money on top of the money saved.

I have now shifted the power from the buyer to me, the sharer. Everyone will want to know how to KEEP $300-$500/month immediately but you will always hit the “money obstacle” when you ask them to SPEND $300-500 to join your business.

Make Sense?  The Rocket Recruiting App is a simple way to show this estimated savings:  RocketRecruiting2_UX

Most people are not sales reps, networkers, outgoing….you need to quickly show them how to get out of the mindset of selling and start helping others get a raise in their 9-5 job by joining your business…this gives them a way to be profitable month 1 and keep them in the business long enough to learn the ropes, comp plan, and talking product with others.

Remember, Network Marketing/Direct Sales is a profession of duplication and unless you can give your team a “non-threatening” and without any reputational risk to introduce to their network, you will find yourself constantly pumping up the balloon that keeps deflating!

If you are interested in learning more ways to flip the “typical” recruiting methods upside down. Connect up with me on Facebook, Twitter, or signup for my 7 days to profitability video training course – enter your name and email to the right of this blog.

If you found this information valuable – 3 Emotions that Cause People to Join Your MLM without rejections.

Please share and comment.  I love hearing from my community and engaging with your questions.

To The Top!

Much Love,

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