4 Simple Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

What’s up everybody?  I wanted to shoot a quick video today talking about: What Is Your Energy? Do you find yourself attracting love, happiness, fun and abundance then other days, you’re attracting desperation, unhappiness, worry, concern, gossip and negative?

What’s the difference there?

So I want to tell you a quick story. So I was flying from Dallas, Texas to Orange County in California and I go to sit down in my seat and this lady stands up to let me in and she says, “I see colors coming off you.”

Now, I will tell you that probably she was smoking something and it must have just hit her. Lol! No, in honesty, it was one of the most insightful, inspiring, and intelligent conversations I’ve had in a long time where she talked about everyone has an energy and it goes out about eight feet.

This energy makes people feel how you’re feeling. Have you ever noticed that you’ve walked into a room and somebody makes you feel a certain way? You haven’t even spoken to them. Just their body language, their energy, what they’re putting out there, you instantly feel and you feel either connected or disconnected from this person and typically if they’re having fun and they’re excited, that’s typically an attractive trait or energy being put out. But if you notice people that are not happy and they’re not having fun, they seem to gather together….like attracts like.

feeling  goodSo if you’ve ever questioned in your life – why am I not feeling the way that I want to be feeling and doing the things that I want to be doing?

Are you surrounded by people that are inspiring you or expiring you? Are you being surrounding by love, excitement, empowerment, and hope or others that constantly tell you why you should not being doing what you do, or want to gossip about others.  Trying to bring you down to their level of comfort.

So, I want to talk in reference to your business, your network marketing business. When you’re making phone calls to people or you’re going to meet people in person, just remember this:

60% of all communication is non-verbal, meaning your gestures, the way you sit, your pitch, your tone, your facial expressions, all of these things are non-verbal. That accounts for 60 percent of communication!  That means people watch more than they listen!

Do you ever find when you go and sit down with somebody, you already feel that they’re uncomfortable? Don’t you immediately feel disconnected?  I’ve realized that people look more than they listen. The content is really secondary but they look at you. They’re watching you.

How do you feel about your business?

Are you passionate?

Are you excited?

Are you confident or are you in desperation?

Are you worried?

Are you concerned?

Are you uncertain?

Because that’s immediately how you make them feel and they start to feel that way because that’s the way they’re feeling. That’s that energy they’re getting from you.  Emotions are contagious and they spread like wild fire – positive and negative.

Edward T. Hall talks about the “four levels of distance”. Intimate is zero to 18 inches while personal space is 18 inches to 4 feet. Then you’ve got your social which is about 4 feet to 10 feet and you’ve got your public which is 10 feet plus.

So even the way you’re sitting – and the distance from a person connects you with that person and talks a lot about how they’re starting to feel and that energy that you’re giving them.

So I wanted to just give you four things to really warm up your energy. This will help you overcome social anxiety in any situation.

1. Smile

Smile! Smile and look at the other person in their eyes! Smiles are contagious. It’s happy! It’s beautiful! People want to be around people that are happy, confident and smiling.


2. Passion

What are you passionate about?  What are you passionate about in your business? What got you started in the business? What’s something that gets you excited? It’s passion. It’s something that you can talk to somebody and they can feel that passion that you’re transferring to them.

3. Value

What is your value? What are you providing for them? What’s valuable to you that they’re seeing and they’re wanting more of? Like good information, good knowledge that helps people – it’s extremely valuable and people want to be around people that add value in their life.

Ask yourself a question. What is your value? Write that down and be able to tell people –  “Here’s valuable assets I love to provide others and why it’s a smart decision to join me and my business.”  People want to be excited that they made the right and valuable decision.

4. Fun

This is so key!  I hear so many people moaning and griping about everything wrong with their business/team/company/comp plan, etc.. – Didn’t you get in the business to have fun along with the hope and dreams of having more in your life? So when you’re talking to people about your business, are you having fun?

Have you built a community, an organization, a team having fun learning and growing together? Are people having fun or are people working? Nobody wants to go and work another job. They want to go experience fun, empowerment, excitement, and growth. They want to be around people that are having fun, that are happy, that are prosperous, that are going places.

So make sure that you take time to be present and ask, “Am I getting down into the rut of just living my life or am I excited every day about the opportunity of what I’m going to build today?”

That’s a major thing I will talk in another video about. It is people always look at the obligation of an opportunity. How much commitment is it going to take me? How much time is it going to take me? Oh my gosh, this is going to be so hard! While others are looking at the opportunity to grow, to be better, to be bigger, to evolve, to live the life that I’ve wanted, to not sit every day concerned, my family concerned and stressed out about finances.

It’s not about the obligation. Look at the opportunity that you’ve been given and really take that and run with it.

Your energy is everything. Really be aware of it. Be present to your feelings. Start to notice how people reacting to you. Stop blaming others for the way they treat you and react to you.  Start looking internally and asking what energy you are presenting to others?

Are you getting people that are excited, smiling, and happy around you or are you attracting those people that are gossipy, concerned, stressed out and they want to talk to somebody else about it and you’re there? That must be the energy that you’re putting off.

If you enjoyed this blog; 4 Simple Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety as an Entrepreneur.  Please comment and share with others that you feel need to hear this message.

Thank you!

Have an amazing day!


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