sales strategies

Each and every one had different strategies and they were all champions…

  • Garry Kasparov
  • Bobby Fischer
  • Fabiano Caruana
  • Boris Spassky
  • and many others

I wonder how many reading this post are aware of these people. They were all champions in the game of chess. And as I said, each used different strategies.

Well, I can equate the world of tournament chess with the world of business. Both use strategies, and these strategies can change in mid game if they need to.

Today, I am going to talk about sales strategies. You see many of these masters in chess simply “grabbed” another chess master’s strategy and made some “tweeks” to make it their own strategy.

So here are 5 sales strategies that you can “tweek” or use just the way they are to take your small business to the top.

Sales Strategies #1: Start With The Problems Your Product Or Service Will Solve

The first thing a prospect normally wants to know is, what can it do for me; what problem or problems will it solve?

You should have a good idea through pre-qualification what problems the prospect has. Now show them immediately how your goods can solve the issues.

So many salespeople lead off with the prices, discounts , etc., and the prospect usually could care less unless they know how it can help them.

Sales Strategies #2: Make Sure Your Pitch Is To Or Towards The Decision Maker

It is always best that you have the primary decision maker involved in the presentation. But, in some circumstances, that decision maker sends in a proxy.

It is in your best interest to know all you can about the decision maker so you can gear your pitch/presentation toward their personality and needs.

Sales Strategies #3: Dive Into New Target Markets

You surely determined your base target market when you opened for business. But now to create more sales, expanding or finding new target markets can be a great strategy.

Let’s say your product is geared toward 20-40 year old women… Let’s go with the pink razor as an example. Okay, now take that pink razor and make it blue and you are now targeting the men of that age.

Just use your creativeness and you will find other target markets for the same or similar product you are already selling.

Sales Strategies #4: Ask Questions And Listen

I am a firm believer in this sales strategy.

Before you start presenting, make up a list of questions you will ask the prospect. It is amazing if you listen closely, the prospect, by answering the questions, will give you everything you need to make the sale.

Sales Strategies #5: Tell True Stories

Everyone loves stories!

And when you can tell a true story about how you began your entrepreneur journey and how that particular product came to be, many prospects will feel a desire to buy. Or tell a story of how one of your customers was so happy when the product she bought survived a fall from a 2 story window.

I remember an old friend telling me about the time he was selling replacement windows. During one part of the script, he was to hit the demo window with his fist (not too hard) to show the glass strength. The problem was, he had played semi-professional football and worked out regularly. That day, he hit the window just a little too hard and it shattered.

Being honest, he told the people he had been working out that morning and what he did on the weekends. The prospects laughed and bought a house full of windows.

Stories work!


More than anything, just be yourself and you will sell. If you have a product or service that solves problems and is fairly priced, and you follow a basic sales strategy, you will sell. You may have to make slight changes depending on your circumstances, but I know these strategies work.

I mentioned taking your small business to the top by using these strategies. I wrote a book about my climb… You can get a copy of To The Top here.

If you have any questions or feedback, just post it below.


To The Top!

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