When you mention the term sales to many people, they immediately get the sense that manipulation or high pressure is about to take place. What they neglect to realize is that all through life, they have used sales techniques and strategies. And yes, some of them have been manipulative or high pressure. And they used those sales techniques and strategies without even realizing they were doing so.

  • “Let me wash the dishes Mom.” and a little later “Mom, can I go to the late movie with my friends?” (Manipulation)
  • “Bobby, I won’t tell Dad about your detention, but you have to give me that Michael Jordan rookie card you have in your safe.” (High pressure and manipulation)
  • Etc…

Sales just involves giving to receive and is a way of life.

The only reason people have issues with selling is the fact that some people have used techniques and strategies that are under-handed and unethical.

But what we always must remember is: the salesperson is just working their job or building their business. And as an entrepreneur, selling is the only way you will grow your business. So in an effort to help you, I am giving you 6 sales techniques and strategies that work.

#1 Sales Techniques And Strategies: Make A Friend

Very seldom will a person buy from someone they do not like. It is imperative that you find some common ground and build a friendship.

This can be difficult with some people, but the key is to look for something you have in common.

You may disagree with various things with the person, but just smile and find something you do agree on. Make a friend and you will have a much better chance of making a sale.

#2 Sales Techniques And Strategies: Create A Sense Of Urgency

Without making it seem like you have the upper hand, you want to give the potential customer the idea that if they do not purchase now, they will lose something valuable. It could be a special discount, something free or the price is about to go up.

During this whole process, you want to allow the customer to feel he/she has complete control.

#3 Sales Techniques And Strategies: Never Disagree With A Potential Customer

While the statement that the customer is always right is a myth, when you are in the sales process, they are!

You agree with everything they say. If horses are pink and the sky is green in the customers opinion, you just shake your head in agreement. (You can laugh about it later)

A master salesman, Grant Cardone, teaches this strategy. If you disagree with a potential customer in any way, you will put them in a defensive position, which will make it more difficult to sell.

#4 Sales Techniques And Strategies: Be Completely Honest

Most consumers actually expect a salesperson to lie if it will create a sale.

I believe that honesty, complete honesty will set you apart and in the long run, you will have more sales and better sales.

You see, word gets around and if you tell a potential customer that your product will grind sand and turn it to gold, they may buy the product but when it doesn’t work, your lie will be spread far and wide.

But, if the customer asks you if your product will stop a bullet and you say no. But it will lower their heating and cooling costs, they may not purchase because they needed a product that was bullet-proof, but you will gain their respect and they will refer other people because you are the most honest salesperson they ever met.

It saddens me to consider what percentage of salespeople would have lied and claimed the product would stop bullets.

#5 Sales Techniques And Strategies: No Actually Means Not Now

There is a common saying in sales circles that says, do not take no for an answer.

I agree, but not to the extent of harassing or pushing someone at that moment.

If they say no, you can try to determine why and be willing to accept the fact that at this time that person will not purchase.

Now go back to #1… Be the friend.

  • Check in from time to time to see how they are doing.
  • Send Birthday, Anniversary or various holiday cards.
  • Follow them on social networks.

As long as you are the friend there may come a time when they do need your product or service.

#6 Sales Techniques And Strategies: Show Them The Problem They May Not Even Know Exists

When you can demonstrate that a potential customer has a problem, it often opens their eyes wide. They may not even realize they have the problem.

I knew a gentleman who sold high quality energy efficient windows among other home improvement products. He told me about a lead he was running where the couple were interested in some awnings for windows that were getting a lot of afternoon sun.

When the salesman saw the windows, he asked the couple if they had considered adding energy efficient windows. The owner looked at him and said, “No way! We love these old wood windows.”

The salesman simply smiled and said okay, I just thought you may want to save on the heating and cooling costs. The man said that his wood windows sealed better than any new windows made.

Without arguing and being a somewhat windy day, the sales pro pulled a lighter from his pocket and turned it to high. He lit it in front of the window and the flame immediately blew out.

“Sir, these were great windows 60 years ago, but Mother Nature has warped them.” He then asked about their utility costs and said he could guarantee at least a 15% drop if they installed windows.

Needless to say, the sale was for new windows all through the home and he gave them 2 awnings for free.

He showed the couple a problem they did not know they had and then solved it.


These are just 6 sales techniques. I don’t want to overwhelm you so at a later date, I will post more.

Use these to help your sales process and grow your business revenues, because they work!

As one last tip, I would suggest that you take advantage of the Home Business Success Kit I developed. You get 3 tools in 1. See more here.

Do you have any questions? Just post them below and I will get you an answer.

Thanks for stopping by and let’s take your sales…

To The Top!

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