Domination is the name of the game!

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When it comes to business, when it comes to the markets you serve, you want to stand above and beyond the competition. You want your competitors looking at you for inspiration. Your goal is to have the feast while they hunt the crumbs.

Today, I am going to give you 6 tips and strategies to completely dominate your market niche. Whether you offer pet food, weight loss items, digital downloads or anything else, using these strategies, you will dominate!

Dominate Your Market Niche #1: Create A Sub-Niche

I mentioned a few niche areas in the previous paragraph. Each of these areas have a lot of competition. But you can master a sub-niche and become a dominator…

  • Pet food – Exotic pet specialty foods
  • Weight loss items – Weight loss walking shoes
  • Digital downloads – New music soundtracks
  • Etc…

These are just a few ideas, but do know that by creating a sub-niche, you are eliminating a hefty part of the competition.

Dominate Your Market Niche #2: Get Social With Your Potential Customers

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Get out in the trenches; don’t hide behind closed doors.

What I mean here is that you need to get out and get personal with the people who will be buying from you.

Talk with them on the various social sites. Find out their problems and how you can solve them.

When people see that you are a real person and not “just a brand,” you will gain dominance, respect and trust.

Dominate Your Market Niche #3: Heavy Focus On Features And Advantages

What is it that your product or service has that the competition doesn’t? That is where your marketing focus needs to dwell on.

Now before it comes up, I don’t believe price counts. The only way price counts is if everything else at least matches the competition.

Most consumers like low prices but more important is buying a product or service that is advanced beyond other items on the market.

Tell them what you offer and the others don’t.

Dominate Your Market Niche #4: Get A “Buzz Wagon”

It’s kind of like a bandwagon…

Here is where you get people who know you and respect you to give testimonials, share your content and ideas… They push you up!

One of the most powerful marketing methods is simply, word of mouth.

If you have a “Buzz Wagon” giving you and your brand praise socially, you will dominate your niche.

Dominate Your Market Niche #5: Write Outstanding Content

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One of the key factors in market domination is having a brand blog that delivers educational and superb quality content relating directly to your niche.

By consistently delivering high quality content, you will be recognized as an expert and domination will be in your path.

Dominate Your Market Niche #6: Use External Forces To Your Advantage

This may take some brainstorming sessions, but you can either let external forces and circumstances control you, or you can use those same forces to help you dominate.

Look how Apple has taken the movement to an all mobile population and dominated it.

You should consider external forces like:

  • The environment
  • Social culture
  • Demographics
  • Economy
  • Legalities
  • Political
  • Etc…


Keep in mind that domination is a step by step process. It does not just happen overnight.

Follow the tips and keep learning. Use your education to help your potential customers. Gain their trust and you will be their go to person.

One more thing before I sign out… You want to be profitable right? I doubt anyone will answer no.

Get this free training course, 7 Days To Profitability here. It can be done and this course will show you how.

Have a great day and let’s take your business…

To The Top!

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