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A common issue we find in the world of entrepreneurship is trust. How to build trust with strangers.

In these days and times, there are so many scams that people tend to distrust everyone they meet.

So in today’s post, I am going to give 6 tips for building trust with strangers. By using these tips, you will be able to have a conversation without the other person being on the defensive.

Building Trust With Strangers Tip #1: Be Completely Transparent And Honest

If you give the slightest hint that you are hiding something, strangers will not trust you. If they ask how much you make and you are new to the industry, why not just be honest? “I haven’t made anything yet because I just started. But I also asked the same question from the person who sponsored me, and he is making on average $2,000 per month working the business part time.”

Your transparency and honesty will carry you much farther than any lies would.

Building Trust With Strangers Tip #2: Find Common Threads

It is always easier to have a conversation with another person if we have something in common. It is up to you to find that common thread. You do so by asking simple questions.

  • What kind of work do you do?
  • Where did you go to school? Were raised?
  • Do you have children… Pets?
  • Etc…

Once you have found a common thread, it can be the foundation of your conversation and will lead to a trust like no other.

Building Trust With Strangers Tip #3: Let Your Dress Reflect You

We often preach: Dress For Success. And I do stand by that message. But I will also say that the person who feels uncomfortable wearing a shirt and tie, or a dress for a female, probably should not wear it.


Because you will reflect your discomfort. Maybe you are a jeans and t-shirt person. That’s cool!

All I’ll say is, wear nice jeans and a clean shirt. Look at yourself in the mirror and put yourself in a stranger’s position. Would you talk to you?

Remember, people do judge by first appearances.

Building Trust With Strangers Tip #4: Smile And Be Polite

It is amazing what a smile can do for people. And the little things like opening a door or allowing someone to go first will create an aura of trustworthiness around you.

So, no matter how rough the day is going, smile… Be polite, and you will attract strangers to you. Many of which, will initiate the conversation. Because you gained their trust with your smile and old-fashioned politeness.

Building Trust With Strangers Tip #5: Show That You Do Have Weaknesses

It may seem slightly manipulative, but when you show you have a weakness, strangers are more apt to have an immediate trust for you. After all, most people will never admit weakness.

You could do little things like spill some coffee, drop your paper or pen or trip slightly. Or you could tell them you don’t hear very well or you are colorblind.

There have been many studies on this and people tend to trust when the other person freely admits a weakness.

Building Trust With Strangers Tip #6: Listen

If I were leading a team of sales people, this would be the very first thing I would teach them.

We have a misconception that sales people are fast talkers and will “blab” their way to a sale. And while that can happen in some cases, I believe that the majority “blab” their way out of a sale.

You see, people tend to want to do the talking. They want someone to listen.

Think about it… We were given 2 ears and 1 mouth. I suggest using those tools in their proportion; listen twice as much as you talk.

Many people will talk their way into buying or joining if we just allow them to do so.


If you follow these tips, you will notice a huge difference in how strangers come across to you. You will gain their trust which can lead to a recruitment or sale.

Do you have any questions or comments?

I touch on this subject and much more in my book, To The Top! You can get a copy by clicking here.


To The Top!

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