Every man, woman and child has fears. They are a part of life and in some cases, fears can save us from situations that could injure, or even kill us.

Fear is not a terrible thing!

But where fear can be bad is when we allow it full control.

Fear is like a yellow caution flag, not a red stop sign. We need to take a close look at the fear and determine if it is unfounded or necessary. We need to look deep and ask how we developed this fear, why we are feeling it and if it is actually going to benefit us.

Today, we are going to examine some fears that will probably fit into the non-beneficial and unfounded category. Here are 7 fears that might be blocking your path to success.

Blocking Your Path To Success Fear #1: Being Inadequate

The fear of inadequacy is one of the top fears that affect new entrepreneurs. But you have the dream and the vision! That is enough adequacy to make any business work.

Remember, no entrepreneur knows everything to run a business perfectly. That is why we have people near us that are great in areas where we are weak. And we have the strengths in areas where they are weak.

You are adequate or you would not have had the dream.

Blocking Your Path To Success Fear #2: Responsibility

We all have responsibilities but as an entrepreneur you carry a full load. And when working a regular job, the responsibilities that get “shirked” from time to time usually will not cause a major disruption. But if you dodge responsibilities as a business owner, who will pick up the slack?

Let me ask you: why do you fear responsibility?

Just think about it… You have a responsibility to yourself and your loved ones to quit being scared of the responsibility and get on with business.

Blocking Your Path To Success Fear #3: Failure

There really is no such thing as failure in my opinion. You may have educational setbacks, but failure is only true if you just lay down and give up on life completely. So realize, you will have setbacks; it is inevitable, but failure is not in the vocabulary because you will not give up on everything.

Blocking Your Path To Success Fear #4: The Outcome


This is one of those “unfounded” fears I spoke of at the start of this article.

None of us have crystal balls and can see the outcome of anything. But we can put things in proper order, plan and follow strategies that have worked before to make the outcome more predictable.

If every entrepreneur allowed the fear of the outcome control them, we would have no businesses.

Blocking Your Path To Success Fear #5: Saying No

Let’s admit it… It is hard to say no. Especially to someone you like, love or trust. But sometimes no is the answer and we have to be able to overcome this fear.

The people that like, love and trust you will understand at some point when you have to say no. They may not understand immediately, but believe me, they will in time. And if they don’t, do they really like, love or trust you?

This is a fear you will have to overcome because it can be a huge roadblock to success.

Blocking Your Path To Success Fear #6: Change

It is easy to get addicted to routine…

  • Get up same time every day
  • Eat the same breakfast
  • Pack a lunch
  • The same office and same people
  • A paycheck that is always there on Friday
  • Etc…

While entrepreneur life has some routines, you will often find yourself “breaking” these routines. Yes, it can be frightening but you need to know that if fear of change controlled us, we would still be living in caves and sleeping on rocks.

Instead of fearing change, embrace it. You can change the world!

Blocking Your Path To Success Fear #7: Rejection

No one likes to be rejected, but what you need to know is, in business, the person normally isn’t rejecting you personally, he/she is rejecting the opportunity you are offering. And sometimes that rejection is coming from their own fears.

I often work with entrepreneurs who are just starting a home based business. We developed an app that takes rejection down substantially.

Rocket Recruiting can help you recruit more and hear no less. Just click here to sign up for Rocket Recruiting and build your business huge.


We all have fears. It is how you handle those fears that define you.

Here is a challenge…

Think of something that you fear and go out and tackle it…

  • Fear of heights – go to the rooftop of a major building and look out across the city
  • Do you fear roller coasters – Head to the carnival and get a ticket and scream for 2 minutes
  • Etc…

Walk through the fears and you will control them!

To The Top!

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