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No matter your business, you should have a business website.

I have heard some business owners say that having a Facebook page is enough. I have to tell you now… People don’t visit Facebook looking for businesses. Sure, you may be discovered, but you will gain more respect and trust if you also have a business website.

Yes, there is some cost, but you need to look at it as an investment and not a waste of money. You will understand why I say that as you look at these 7 reasons you should have a business website.

Business Website Reason #1: To Let Potential Customers Know About You

The old days of people looking in the Yellow Pages for businesses is long past. According to a Nielsen survey, 85% of consumers look on the internet to find local businesses. So if your website is loaded with local keywords and phrases making it SEO friendly, and listed in Google My Business, local customers will find you and your website.

It works the same way with businesses who do business anywhere… Having a website will give consumers better odds of finding you.

Business Website Reason #2: Customers Expect You To Have A Website

If you are in business and have not yet had a customer ask you how to find your website, I am surprised.

And if you tell them you don’t have a website and they don’t give at least an “eye roll,” I am doubly surprised.

Many consumers will assume that if you don’t have a website, you are unprofessional and they will probably start the search for a business who does.

Business Website Reason #3: It’s Your Online Catalog/Brochure


If you need to cut costs, don’t get rid of or not have a website. Cut costs by halting catalog or brochure printing. Make your website your brochure, your catalog.

Just simply send people to your website to see your products or services. Most people have smart phones and/or tablets, so make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Business Website Reason #4: 24/7 Accessibility

Maybe your store is only open certain business hours, but your website is up all the time, any time. This way consumers can shop and price check on their time and visit your store when they are ready to buy.

Or make it even easier for them and give them the ability to order right there on your website…

They will love you for that feature and you will love the revenues.

Business Website Reason #5: It Is A Way To Show Off Happy Customers

Potential customers will look at reviews. And you do not have much control of those. So if you have an enemy who puts out a bad review, what do you do?

The best way to counteract 1 bad review is with 2 great testimonials.

Most consumers are quite wise and will not let a bad review be their only means to an end. They will also examine the testimonial on your website and they will weigh everything.

Business Website Reason #6: Top Rated Customer Service

Consumers will love the fact that they can get all contact information right there on your website. This way they can ask questions and get fast answers.

And it is easier than ever to add live chat where you or one of your tribe is notified anytime someone asks a question.

Business Website Reason #7: It’s A Tax Deduction

Your website can bring in revenues but since it is also a business expense, you can claim it as a deduction.

You know, tax deductions are so important in managing your business and I have the perfect tool for that. Check out The Expense Tracker here.


Getting a website set up and running may have you slightly shaky.

Don’t be!

If you need help… No not me, but I know people. Just leave a comment and I will let these experts know and they will contact you.

I hope this helps, because having a business website will help you take your business…

To The Top!

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