Pick up nearly any newspaper or watch various news channels and you will find an overwhelming amount of negativity. If we bombard ourselves with that negativity, it is inevitable that our mindset will become negative.

I cannot tell you to stop reading news, but I do know that if you strengthen your mentality into a state of positivity, it can overcome the negatives.

One of the primary negatives that entrepreneurs are attacked with is: “Everyone else is failing so you will fail too.”

If you believe that statement, you have made a fatal mistake because an entrepreneur can only have success if they have a success mindset.

So let’s shift your mentality!

Here are 7 tips to mentally shift to a success mindset.

Mentally Shift To A Success Mindset Tip #1: Practice Meditation

Taking time on a regular basis to just “clear your mind” and focus on only positives will help you focus on positives in all situations that confront you daily.

Just find a quiet place and meditate daily and you will find a great transformation in your mindset.

Mentally Shift To A Success Mindset Tip #2: Realize You Must Own All Decisions Good Or Bad

As an entrepreneur, you will be faced with huge decisions. There is no “pushing” those decisions off on someone else. You must own them and whether they come out good or bad, you must always realize that it was you who made the decision.

As you grow and follow this decision ownership principle, you will find yourself making better decisions.

Mentally Shift To A Success Mindset Tip #3: Show Gratefulness Continually

No matter who, what, where or when, find something to be grateful for. If you look closely, it is easy.

Express that gratitude.

You see, gratitude “trumps” negativity and you will find yourself walking with a positive mindset.

Mentally Shift To A Success Mindset Tip #4: Celebrate The Success Of Others


In an employee setting, it can be difficult to celebrate another employee getting a promotion or raise when we don’t.

The entrepreneur needs to change that mindset to one where we celebrate when a fellow entrepreneur has success. If we don’t, we can actually hold ourselves back.

By doing so, you will:

  • Feel a greater sense of optimism that you can succeed.
  • Build a solid network as you respond with positive emotions for their success.

Mentally Shift To A Success Mindset Tip #5: Hang With Positive People

There may have been a day when you would leave your job and meet up with coworkers at the local pub. For 1 or 2 hours, the talk was negative about the employer or the job itself.

There is no room for negativity now. You need to choose people that magnify positivity. Hang tight with those people because positivity breeds positivity and success comes from positivity.

Mentally Shift To A Success Mindset Tip #6: Always Build Your Strengths

Some people assume they need to build up their weak areas. The successful entrepreneur does not spend precious time on weak areas; he/she delegates or outsources the tasks they are weak in. They build on their strong areas. If you are strong in sales but weak in accounting, outsource the financial’s and focus on sales. And keep studying and learning more about sales.

Mentally Shift To A Success Mindset Tip #7: Allow Yourself To Have Fun

This is ALL-Important!

You need to set rules for yourself when to stop working and go have fun with friends or family.

While your business is important, keep in mind that this life only happens once, so have fun and success will come easier.


I would have to say that success is 20% skill and 80% mindset. Follow these tips and you will have greater odds of success.

While you are at it, click here to sign up for the free 7 Days To Unstoppable Motivation course.

After all, with Unstoppable Motivation and a Success Mindset, you will be rising…

To The Top!

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