Let’s face it, network marketing is hard work right? In this article if you continue reading I’m going to share with you a few tips and strategies on how to actually achieve a full time income in network marketing.

Besides being a full time serial entrepreneur in a variety of sectors and landing clients like Boeing (among others), I’ve been tremendously blessed to have built some incredible relationships in the network marketing profession.

And I can say with absolute sincerity, I love network marketing.

It enamored me so much that I decided to learn everything I could about it and serve it the best way I knew how…by developing working systems that make the lives of network marketing professionals much, much easier.

If this is your first time to my site, let me tell you a tiny bit about myself…

My name is Eric Tippetts (as you can no doubt see above) and I’ve shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the profession. Some of my business partners and close friends include amazing people like Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone, Jim Bunch, among many others.

I don’t say that to brag, but simply to make you aware that I’ve definitely built some incredible relationships and learned some intimate details about how things REALLY function in the field of network marketing.

For example, I know you’re most likely here because you’re struggling in one of the following areas: lead generation, duplication, or mindset (fear, doubt, etc.).

I also know that 90% of the people visiting this page DESPERATELY want to win in this profession, which touches my heart.

It’s honestly why I do what I do. I don’t have to do it (technically I’m retired). I love to do it. The same reason Tony Robbins, Pitbull, and Sir Richard Branson speak on behalf of the profession.

But enough about me, I’m sure you want to know exactly how it is this content is going to help you grow your business.

So let’s dive in and get into the nuts and bolts of this subject.

Below I’m going to share 3 tips to help you become a much more seasoned network marketer, and if you decide you like what you read you’ll have the option to signup for a FREE limited time webinar that will show you how to not only succeed but take it to the next level and reach that magic unicorn most people in our profession know exists, but rarely ever see: top earner status.

I’ve learned some of the strategies I’m going to share with you from my good friend Ray Higdon, who in some private phone calls and sit down meetings revealed them to me and opened my eyes.

I asked him if it was cool to share them with you exclusively and he agreed to let me do it, so I’m excited to help you get where you’re looking to go!

3 Tips To Crush it In Network Marketing

Tip #1: Become an educator, not a salesperson.

Believe it or not, this tip applies to every profession that involves sales.

An old friend of mine, Zig Ziglar, once said to me that it’s better to educate, not sell people. You see, by educating people something magical happens you may not realize. You tap into the incredible power of the Law of Reciprocity.

See, by giving knowledge (and by its nature, power) to people, they naturally feel obligated to give something back. It’s a wonderful concept that works time and time again.

Here’s how it might sound. Let’s say your network marketing product is a health product that helps people lose weight.

The typical approach a new network marketer might take is to say something like this: “Eric, you gotta check out this amazing product, Tummy Blaster 10X, it melts belly fat right off…I’ve already lost 20lbs! I’m super excited, want to check it out and maybe buy some from me?”

Now if you’re guilty of this don’t get too worried, it happens to the best of us in the beginning.

But it didn’t sound very good did it?

It basically sounds like you’re begging me to buy it right?

Well in human nature, when you beg people they tend to withdraw. When you TELL them to do something, they naturally resist. It’s an unfortunate problem built into our egos, but the beauty of it is if you figure it out from a selling standpoint you can leverage this knowledge to crush it in network marketing.

Sellucation is what I like to call it, and overcomes this. It’s the combination of selling through education. And if done right, it also creates massive CURIOSITY.

Here’s how it would sound if you used education to sell in the same scenario: “Eric, how’re things going.” PAUSE FOR RESPONSE. “Fantastic buddy, you know, I read something online today that was kind of startling…did you know over 70% of Americans are overweight and that being overweight is the #1 leading cause of cancer?” PAUSE FOR RESPONSE. “Yeah, crazy right? I had no clue…I guess I’m lucky I found a way to beat the obesity epidemic without crash dieting and exercise. So what’d you do today buddy, how was work?”

You see what I did?

I mentioned that I had personally found a way to beat it. I didn’t beg, didn’t sell, didn’t even ask him if he wanted to look at information.

Why not?

He’s not qualified yet. But if he gives you the response you’re looking for, he’ll qualify, or SELL, himself.

A typical response from a friend at this point might be something like: “wait wait wait, what did you say, you’re using something to shed fat that requires no exercise, how much weight did you lose?”


Now you’re in the pulling mode, not pushy salesman mode. That’s the sweet spot. Ultimately, the goal would be to ask the following question in this scenario: “It sounds like you’re curious, I can shoot you a link when I get home and you can check everything out, it’s pretty nuts man.” Then your friend says…”cool, sounds good.” And that’s it!

You’ve successfully invited someone you knew to take a look at some information on your product, without selling them! This leads us right into tip number two.

Tip #2: Make sure you are leveraging tools and systems, not relying on skill.

Tools and systems are instrumental in your ability to succeed as a network marketer. Imagine how difficult this profession would be if you had to sit down with someone 5-10 times before enrolling them in your business.

And what if you had to explain EVERYTHING?

Wouldn’t that be an awful experience.

I can tell you first hand it would feel like an interrogation. Every piece of information would raise a new question from your prospect and you’d have to answer everything.

Why do that?

Plus, most of your people won’t, and I repeat WON’T duplicate that.

It’s important that you leverage a tool or a system to do the heavy lifting for you. The simplest, most repeatable process wins, every time.

If the system can explain everything in video format, it’s a win.

If the system can follow up with your lead, it’s a win.

If it can collect a decision from your prospect after they go through your videos and learn everything about your company…win again.

Success comes from systems that train and duplicate people, not you trying to be everything to everyone.

Tip #3: Ensure the duplication is proven.

duplication in mlm

Let’s face it, every corner you turn online now you’re going to run into a self-proclaimed guru telling you they have the perfect system.

They’ll hit you with plenty of shiny sales copy and advertising to persuade you that all you have to do is sit back in your pjs, click a mouse a few teams, and watch your team explode to 10,000 plus people.

Here’s the deal.

Make sure that whatever it is the owner is selling, that it works.

How do you check that?

By looking at statistics and measuring REAL RESULTS.

Once you can do that, and talk to a living, breathing human being that’s actually sponsored people into their business using the system without mastering a bunch of complex skills then you should be set.

In other words, don’t be scared to interview users, check out forums, and talk to folks that are using the system and getting real results with it.

Ok, did you find value in those tips? I hope so, because 99% of network marketers out there don’t understand these proven concepts, and their instrumental in your success.

So check this out…if you liked this article I’m going to do you one more solid.

I’m hosting a FREE webinar that will reveal 4 more tips on how to seriously grow your business, and in this webinar I’m also going to take you behind the scenes in a seriously cool tool we poured tens of thousands of dollars into in order to help you build your business.

The results we’re getting are insane. Remember what I said about statistics?

Well, 93% of our active users sign up a new rep in 7 days using this tool.

So go ahead and click this link to check out the registration page, before we take it down. We aren’t going to leave it up long, simply because we have a special exclusive offer from none other than Ray Higdon on there and we promised we wouldn’t run it forever.

Look forward to seeing you on the webinar, thanks for dropping by, and best wishes in your business, I know you’re going to crush it in 2017!

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