Eric Tippetts
Wow, what an amazing webinar last Thursday night with Tanya Aliza and I sharing “how to attract more of your perfect prospects to you without rejection or resistance”.
Tanya was pumped up and giving away bonus gifts left and right!
(over $4,000 value)
If you missed the webinar, I am putting up the replay till Sunday December 14th, 11:59 pm to give my community the chance to watch and learn these valuable insights and collect on the bonuses!
>>>Click Here for Replay<<<


How Tanya Enrolled Over 100 New Teammates & Won 4 Vacations in Less than 12 months
in Her Home Business

Without Calling Deadbeat Leads or
Hounding Her Friends & Family

Tanya’s going to show you…

  • How to Build a NEW List of Interested Prospects & Leads so that you can stop hounding your family & friends 
  • How to Get in Front of More People with the Right Message so that you can really have them understand and SEE the Opportunity in a BIG way 
  • How to Build Instant Credibility & Authority so that when you talk to people about your Business they’re scrambling for their credit card to join 
  • How to Enroll More Teammates Faster so that you can join the Leaders on the beach when You WIN the next Company Incentive Vacation

  • How to Build a Rock star Online Brand so that you can start to Reduce Resistance and Ridiculous objections people are giving you


       >>>Listen to Replay Now<<<

I look forward to connecting with you on this live webinar and working together to build your Home Business!
To The Top,

P.S.  UPDATE: Only 1 Days Left – Don’t Miss Out, I am sharing my “To The Top” book with you to download now Free:


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–Me with Jonathan Budd and Jim Bunch for Book Release–


Click here to get ebook FREE (limited time)




“Eric speaks straight truth every person looking to create more wealth needs to hear.  There are numerable ways an average person can retain and make more money reading this book.  Awesome work Eric!”

                                                          Jonathan Budd



“Eric’s book is a must read for anyone and everyone who is wanting to become financially free.
He has put not only the strategies for creating wealth, but he has eloquently dealt with the mental and emotional issues that so often hold people back from doing what they know needs to be done.
Congratulations Eric, you have a winner here and I’m sure you’ll inspire people across the planet to create wealth.
                         Jim Bunch, CEO, The Ultimate Game of Life



This book is 80% focused on the “how to” in creating a mindset of “Abundance/Prosperity”


You’ll quickly learn how to:

  • Shift Negative Thoughts into Positive
  • Gain a Financial Security of Hope
  • Understand the Prosperity Laws of Life


Here’s a quick video on “why” I wrote “To The Top” and please let me know how you feel about this.


<<<<Click Here To Watch Video>>>>


<<<Click Here To Watch Video>>>

P.S. My Book “To The Top” is truly free for a limited time (normally $19.95). 

All I ask, is that you share it with others. 

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