Let me start by saying that if you just want to settle for average, maybe the life of an entrepreneur is not meant for you. I don’t mean to sound harsh but sometimes the truth does come out that way. You should strive to be an extraordinary entrepreneur because average is no fun.

Let’s have some fun

As I provide you with tips to help you turn that average into extraordinary.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches” – Napoleon Hill

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Fills The Vacuum

No, I’m not talking about doing housework. What I mean here is: you look for the problem no one else has solved yet. You are searching for needs so you can develop a solution for that need.

Instead of developing a similar product with different packaging, you develop and market a new product in unique packaging.

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Sets Goals That Seem Unreachable

The real estate mogul Grant Cardone teaches us this in his book Be Obsessed or Be Average. The average entrepreneur sets goals he/she knows they can reach. The extraordinary entrepreneur sets goals that may not be reached but in attempting to reach that goal, he/she will far surpass the average goals set by others.

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Drives With His Eyes 1 Mile Ahead

I was just thinking about driving the busy Los Angeles interstate system during high traffic times. I learned that the best drivers are not so concerned about what is happening immediately in front of them, but they are more focused on what will happen in ½ to 1 mile in the distance.

Entrepreneurs need to use this same approach… What will be the consequences of this decision 2 weeks, 1 month or 1 year from now?

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Vacations Often

The only great way to build a business empire is to utilize automation and other people. While hard work is mandatory during start up, the wise entrepreneur is looking at every possible way to either automate processes, outsource tasks and delegate responsibilities so he/she can travel to Aruba, the South of France or Costa Rica.

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Masters The Loop

John Boyd was a great U.S. Air Force fighter pilot who was also brilliant at military strategy. When other leaders were stating that F 15 pilots had no chance against Russian MIG pilots, John explained that they did if they mastered the Loop. He called it the OODA Loop which meant that the person must quickly go through the following processes:

  • Observation – Collecting all relevant data that can be gathered with human senses
  • Orientation – Analyzing that data to form a perspective
  • Decision – Determining the course of action in response to the perspective
  • Action – Just doing it!

This Loop needs to be an ongoing process and changes come as situations change.

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Is Able To Say No

The wise entrepreneur has the ability to say no in non-demeaning way. You just cannot say yes to everything that comes along. Knowing when to say no will become a learning experience as you grow into entrepreneur adulthood.

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Understands The Laws Of Generosity

There is a natural law at work in this universe. When a person gives, it comes back in huge ways. The extraordinary entrepreneur understands this law and abides by it. He/she gives of their knowledge without expecting return payment, because their payment comes in unexpected ways at a later time.

The Extraordinary Entrepreneur Takes Calculated Risks

Some people will give new entrepreneurs the impression that they should just take a risk if it feels good. If I too every risk that felt “good,” I would probably be homeless. You need to calculate and measure the risk. What are the odds of success.

Betting on the 90 to 1 long-shot in the Belmont Derby is not a calculated risk… It is uncalibrated ignorance.

Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” William Pollard

In Conclusion

You CAN be an extraordinary entrepreneur if you have the drive and desire to achieve that level. There are many who settle for average and some of them are earning money and living somewhat satisfying lives but… It is JUST AVERAGE.

I always longed to be the extraordinary entrepreneur and I am always striving to reach even loftier heights.

Why not come along on this extraordinary entrepreneur ride with me… I have something for you. You can:

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You can and will be an extraordinary entrepreneur. I just know it.

So please keep coming back so I can teach you more and please invite your social friends and family. You can do that by sharing this with the buttons below.

Now I wish you a quick and successful climb…

To The Top!

Eric Tippetts

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