I have heard some people claim that most entrepreneurs are imbalanced people. That they are similar to the person who will bet their life savings on one number in roulette with one spin of the wheel. I am here to tell you that thought pattern about entrepreneurs is a misnomer. Successful entrepreneurs have balance. Actually many entrepreneurs are more balanced than a high percentage of the human population who are not designated entrepreneurs.

Yes entrepreneurs take risks, but to have any success in life, a person must take risks. But the entrepreneur measures his/her risks. The entrepreneur balances the risks so they will profit even with loss.

Everything in moderation, and there’s a perfect balance in this life if we can find it.” Ryan Robbins

In today’s post, I am going to crawl into the areas entrepreneurs must find a balance. Because without the balance, they will struggle to find success.

I suggest you use all the various balances I list to do a check of your own entrepreneurial balance and make changes to get back on an even keel.

Entrepreneurs Must Balance Stress Levels

I actually believe this is an area that every human being needs to learn how to balance.

As entrepreneurs, we will never erase stress. As a matter of fact, we almost need to embrace stress as a part of the entrepreneur lifestyle. But there are certain items that we must let go of the stress that we have no control of the outcome.

  • Why worry about the meeting with investors tonight?
  • Is getting stressed about finding a manufacturer going to help you find one?

Stress will always be present, but how you allow that stress to effect you is what counts.

Entrepreneurs Must Balance Their Passion With Realism

Passion is the motor that drives the entrepreneur but that motor has to have a governor on it. That passion can not be allowed to fly at speeds that are uncontrollable.

You may have an idea that awoke you in the middle of the night; you put the idea together and develop the perfect product that will solve the problems of thousands upon thousands of people. But when you start delving into the costs to manufacture the product, there is no way to get it less than $9,000 per item.

In some cases, this may be a product that people would still purchase, but when you are provided the statistics that the largest percentage of people who need the problem solved are low income, the realist will know that until those manufacturing costs can be brought substantially lower, this passion must be put in a file for a later day.

Entrepreneurs Must Balance Delegation

Law professionals will say that the person who acts as their own lawyer in criminal cases has a fool for an attorney.

The same can be said about an entrepreneur who believes they can do everything on their own. I have yet to meet an entrepreneur who knows everything about business matters or has the time to handle every task required to maintain a business.

The entrepreneur needs to make a balance in the tasks that will be outsourced to freelancers, delegated to in-house employees and completed by the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur should only be performing tasks that are generating revenue.

Entrepreneurs Must Balance Specialization With General Knowledge

Let me just put this one in perspective: who would do better at owning a hardware store?

  • A man who has learned everything that possibly can be taught about nails and screws?
  • A woman who has a certificate in welding, a certificate in wood working and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration?

While either of these people may find success at owning a hardware business, my wager would be on the woman.

General knowledge comes first with specialized training next.

Entrepreneurs Must Balance Email, Social Media And Work

And the balance must heavily favor work!

I can never say it enough… Schedule just certain moments when you check email and social media. Those two time wasters harm many entrepreneur’s business endeavors.

Now That Area I Don’t Believe Any Entrepreneur Will Master, But We Should Try… Work – Life Balance

I have yet to discover the entrepreneur who has harnessed a balance between work and life. But we should do our very best to attempt to discover a balance, or at least a semblance of one.

We need to find it for our loved ones.

So try to discover that balance and if you do find it, be sure and share it with us.

So, Are You Balanced?

I hope this post helps you take a close look at your inner self. I hope you can attain the balance you need for success.

And, I know you can if you recognize where imbalance lies and you make the changes needed to bring the balance to a proper level.

I want you to succeed and I want to give you a bonus resource to do so. For just the cost of shipping and handling, you can get secrets and tips that can help you have the success you deserve. It is called To The Top, and you can get your copy here.

Thank you for stopping in today and my all your entrepreneur journey be prosperous.

To The Top!

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