break from the slump into the zone

For any of my readers who have followed professional baseball, you are probably familiar when a player is in a slump or in the zone.

The slump is when a player who used to consistently get hits suddenly takes a turn and cannot seem to “touch” the ball.

And the zone is when everything just seems to go right.

Does any of that sound familiar in your life as an entrepreneur? We can also get in slumps and isn’t it grand when we are in the zone and everything just falls into place?

In looking at slumps and zones, I have discovered that, just like the baseball player, we entrepreneurs may make some little change in action or mindset that can put us in a slump or lead us into the zone.

Here are 7 tips to help you break from the slump into the zone.

Break From The Slump Into The Zone Tip #1: Identify The Important Tasks And Delegate Or Eliminate The Others

Are you working in the business or on the business?

It is vital that you identify what tasks are revenue building and focus on those tasks. All others should be delegated or completely eliminated.

Break From The Slump Into The Zone Tip #2: Seek Out Your Support

Now is not the time to dwell on the negatives.

Oh well, you are in a slump… It will pass. And it can pass quicker when you have supporters surrounding you.

Get together with the people who have been positive influences.

It works!

Break From The Slump Into The Zone Tip #3: Stop Focusing On You And Start Focusing On Them

If your focus is on the person looking at you in the mirror, you are losing track of your customers. Your focus needs to be on them.

Believe me, if you keep your attention on the customers, you WILL break out of the slump because your care will be felt.

Break From The Slump Into The Zone Tip #4: Maybe It Is Time For A Vacation

In many cases, slumps come from overworking yourself.

It may help to book a Caribbean cruise, a flight to Paris or a camping trip to the Rocky Mountains.

Spend some time with your loved ones and you just may discover the Zone awaiting you when you come back.

Break From The Slump Into The Zone Tip #5: Get Energized

It is easy as an entrepreneur to get caught up in the daily “hustle and bustle” that we tend to neglect our own bodies.

We need to exercise… energize… get into shape.

Schedule a daily exercise routine.

  • Jog
  • Walk
  • Ride a bike
  • Join a gym
  • Etc…

If you get your body into shape, your mind will also benefit and it CAN drive you back into the Zone.

Break From The Slump Into The Zone Tip #6: Read About Successful Entrepreneurs Who Have Jumped Hurdles

There are many successful entrepreneurs who have faced “slump” periods. Your “slump” may be quite small in comparison.

Like Ryan Blair who co-founded ViSalus. He was a gang member before he found the path to success.

Or the great funny man Jim Carrey who was homeless at one time.

And do I mention Oprah who was pregnant at 14 and lost her child?

All of those rough slumps became successful Zones.

You can too!

Break From The Slump Into The Zone Tip #7: Take A Look Back To Why You Started

This is probably the most important tip of all.

As entrepreneurs, we can become complacent and forget about why we even took the original risk.

Why did you?

You wasn’t scared then, why are you now?

Put yourself back in those original shoes and remember your why and you will “grab” the original Zone you entered.


There have been some great baseball players who have faced serious slumps and have overcame them to break records.

They did so by following similar prescriptions as I provided you in this post.

So break that slump and get into the zone.

And as a means to help you further, I prescribe the “7 Days of Unstoppable Motivation”

Get this system for just the cost of shipping and handling. It will help you break from the slump into the zone. Just click here.

If you have any questions or just want to tell us about your slump to zone experiences, do so in the comment area below.

I am glad you stopped in today.

To The Top!

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