I once walked into a boardroom of a rather large company and being slightly early, I examined some of the materials plastered on the walls. There was one poster that resonated with me and regularly envelops my thoughts:

If you were arrested for being a closer, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Absolutely powerful!

Isn’t that what this is all about… Closing the sale? I often talk about helping others by solving their problems; getting leads and prospects and having the proper attitude, but I believe it is high time that I speak with all entrepreneurs about that most important item that will keep your business up and running. Closing the sale.

So without further ado, here are my 8 best tips, tricks and techniques that can help you in closing the sale.

Closing The Sale Tip #1: Smile, Smile And Smile Some More

This takes practice because there are things people will say and do that can easily wipe a smile off your face. So practice. Instead of getting a scowl the next time someone cuts you off in traffic, just smile. When the fast food drive thru screws up your order, as you are getting it fixed, smile.

When you are in the midst of a sales close and the client says something that would make other entrepreneurs cry… SMILE.

I won’t guarantee you close every sale by smiling, but I do know it will help you close deals you would not have if you frowned.

Closing The Sale Tip #2: Shut Your Mouth After

Sales managers worldwide preach this to their sales force and so many salespeople just do not listen.

I cannot pound it into your skull any harder than what I am about to do:

After you ask for the sale, shut your mouth! Say nothing! Absolutely nothing!

There is an old rule of thumb that says the first person who speaks after a salesperson asks for the sale loses. I would say that in a slightly different way: if the salesperson speaks first, he/she loses; if the customer speaks first, they win and so does the salesperson.

Closing The Sale Technique #3: Get All The Objection Cards On The Table

There is a simple pre-closing line that works. You can develop it to fit into your business structure. It goes something like this:

Is there any reason now that you know the benefits and special price I am giving you (product or service), that you would object to doing business today?”

Let any and all objections fall on the table and deal with each one by one. After doing so, slide the contract and pen to them to sign.

Closing The Sale Tip #4: Stay With The Customer

Any time that you leave the customer to go get a contract, cup of coffee, whatever, it creates feelings of doubt and possibly distrust. Try to have everything with you and if by chance you are missing something, use the phone and have someone deliver it, or you can even invite the customer on a small tour.

Now in some uncommon situations, you can use authority status to leave the customer sitting as part of your close. This should not be used very often though.

Closing The Sale Trick #5: Show Love To The Competition

Never…and I mean never put down your competition. The customer may state they are also reviewing your competition’s item. I suggest that you compliment the competition.

“Yes, (competition) is a strong and great company. As a matter of fact, that is why we developed this product, because (competition’s product) didn’t have (this benefit) which we integrated.

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Closing The Sale Trick #6: Make Them Laugh

Let’s face it, the closing of a sale can be stressful for many buyers. You can take so much of that stress away by just sharing some humor in the midst of it. Tell a funny story or a clean joke. Make fun of yourself on how your spouse cleaned the sliding door window so well that you bloodied your nose thinking it was open.

You surely see my point… Lighten up the atmosphere with some humor.

Closing The Sale Tip #7: Maintain Eye Contact

What do most people think when they are talking with a person and they keep shifting their eyes away from their eyes?

That’s Right!

We assume they are lying and even more so when speaking with a person who is trying to sell us something.

So do yourself a huge favor during the whole presentation and especially the close, maintain eye contact with the prospect.

Closing The Sale Tip #8: Make Sure Your Communication Techniques Are Clear

This will take practice, but you need to get rid of the umms and similar items many people use in their speech. I suggest you may even want to take a public speaking course to help you overcome those small issues that can make or break a sale.

Speak clearly and use terminology the prospect can understand. If you notice a look of puzzlement, with a smile ask the prospect if they understood.

It is much easier to clear up an issue immediately instead of having to deal with it during contract signing.


Closing the sale does not have to be a difficult process; actually, I find it to be the most enjoyable part of the sale’s process. And you will too if you use the tips, tricks and techniques I provided here.

The complete sales process can be even easier if you are fully motivated. And I want to offer you a FREE training course that can help you achieve 7 Days To Unstoppable Motivation.

Take the challenge by clicking here.

Thank you for stopping in today and may you close more of your sales with this info.

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To The Top!

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