customer retention

Think about that one store, restaurant or other business that you frequent. The one that you know you have a loyalty to and there is no chance you will go elsewhere.


They have you as a customer forever, but can you explain why?

  • Prices?
  • Friendliness?
  • A relative?
  • Customer service?

Whatever it is, that business is practicing good customer retention methods. Are you doing the same with your business?

Let me tell you, the cost is higher to get new customers than it is to retain the ones you have. Yes, you should be actively marketing for new customers but you also need to put as much into customer retention.

In this post, I am going to share 5 ways to keep customers forever. Put these tips into practice and you will find your customer retention rates go up.

Customer Retention #1: Personally Connect

Surely you have a website, Facebook or other social media pages. Make sure every customer that purchases knows where they can find your sites and tell them to like or subscribe to know of new products, services, sales and other special deals.

Now once they are on any of these sites, take time occasionally to just reach out to your customers personally. “Hey John and Mary, how is everything. I just wanted to see if (product) you purchased is working good for your needs. Plus, I just wanted to say hi and tell you we appreciate you. Have a great day and drop in and say hey anytime.”

It is amazing how such a simple message can mean so much to customers.

Customer Retention #2: A Gift

a gift

This is a customer retention strategy that John Deere has used for many years and they get double benefit from it.

A customer who has bought a tractor, combine, lawn mower or some other item is handed 1 or more green hats with the John Deere logo on it. They are well made hats and farmers love them.

Sure, John Deere is putting out a lot of money for these hats, but they are getting huge smiles from customers who will use nothing but a Deere, and they are getting advertising from this gift as people see men, women and children around town with the John Deere logo on their head.

Maybe hats are too costly for you but consider pens with your logo, coffee mugs or calendars. Just use your creativity and notice the look of joy in your customer’s faces.

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Customer Retention #3: V.I.P.

Developing a V.I.P. program for customers is an excellent way to keep them shopping and spending more at your place of business.

Many businesses have special cards that get “punched” when you spend a certain amount and once they have so many “punches” they will get something free or a high percentage off.

Many businesses who use this system have discovered more money spent from existing customers just to get “punches.”

Customer Retention #4: Take A Stand

Okay, I need to tread lightly with this tip. Because when you take a stand on certain issues, you may drive some potential customers to a competitor who stands on an “opposite leg.”

Just keep that in mind!

But let’s say you put a big sign up and say that for every $100 spent, you will give $4 toward building the local homeless shelter the town drastically needs. Or pick another issue that your customer base seems to respond too.

Just showing that you stand in favor with certain moves to better humanity will have customers standing with you and supporting your stand.

Customer Retention #5: Ensure Employees Are Happy And Trained

I would have to say that a large percentage of customers move away from a business because of employee incompetence or worse, mistreatment.

The first step in making sure your employees are treating customers right is to ensure you are treating the employee right.

This isn’t easy but it is possible.

A good way is one on one meetings to just talk. Let the employees know you do care about them and try to meet their needs if possible. The wise business owner tries to use 90% praise and 10% critique. And before you critique an employee, give some type of praise first.

Make sure you train every employee in proper customer management and follow up with the consistently to make sure they are following what was taught them.

Personally, I believe this is where many of the large corporate businesses have been failing. If employees treat customers as friends instead of “just another face,” you will find an increase in customer retention.


This is just a start!

I do plan on covering more on this subject in the future. It is extremely important because customer retention can “make or break” any business.

Do you have any questions? Just post them below and I will get you an answer.

Before I go, I want to share with you a way that can help you better track customers and their habits. A better way to also manage your business.

What do I speak of?

Blockchain Technology!

As co-founder of the Nasgo Blockchain, we have watched many businesses go from mediocre to rocketing into the clouds of success.

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Thanks for stopping in and we will help you on your climb

To The Top!

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