There are some career paths that can be difficult for the spouse in the relationship:

  • Soldier
  • Law Enforcement
  • Truck Drivers

And entrepreneurs also climb high on that list. Being the spouse of an entrepreneur can sometimes like riding the scariest roller coaster ever designed. There can be low times and high reward moments. You may be eating bologna sandwiches one week and dining at Red Lobster the next.

But the contract said for better or for worse and a spouse that loves will bare with the entrepreneur. But not to give the entrepreneur a ticket to not be a proper spouse, I have decided to give you some timely tips on having a successful relationship while creating a successful

Involve your spouse in the business

If your spouse feels as if they have some input into how the business is put together and managed, they are more apt to be supportive of it. Ask his/her opinion before you make decisions. Explain to them the small details. Let them have some tasks to do if they are willing and able.

Just giving your spouse some involvement in the creation will enliven them and they will be your top fan.

Use financial wisdom

This is one of the top issues with entrepreneur spouses. If the entrepreneur is investing in business needs but has not made the car or house payment, who could blame the spouse for being upset?

Again, this takes us back to involving your spouse. Explain the financial side of the business and work together to make sound financial decisions.

And, I highly suggest an app I developed that can help you do this. It helped my wife and me, and I know it can help you with your entrepreneur finances. Check out The Expense Tracker here.

Make sure your spouse is on the calendar

I know I preach it often… Entrepreneurs must plan out their days, weeks and months. But those plans need to include your spouse. Make sure you have scheduled times for dates with the business turned on mute.

If you do this trust me, your spouse will support your efforts all the more.

Do not be defensive with your spouse

And I should add – offensive!

What I mean by this is: your spouse’s mind may be wired differently than your mind. They may ask questions that come across as critical to your idea. And, they may be critical to your idea. But use common sense here. If you get defensive, you are just turning the situation into a debate that has all the ingredients of disaster. If you get offensive, you could damage your top fan.

But, if you educate and explain your reasoning in a non-technical way, your spouse may understand. Do not fear asking why they feel the way they do and ask their opinion on how they would do it differently.

If your spouse’s idea makes sense but you still believe your idea has better chances, just compromise and explain you will try it your way and if that isn’t working, you will use their method.

Communicate with words; not behaviors

Whether it is a victory or defeat; stressful or encouraging, your spouse should hear it with words and not behaviors. Don’t leave them in wonderment why you are skipping around like a kangaroo or if you are moping like a snail.

Create a backup or an exit plan with your spouse’s input

It is not something any entrepreneur even likes to think of but just like having life insurance, entrepreneurs should have a backup plan and also an exit plan.

I suggest that you form both of these plans with your spouse. Not only will you benefit from another brain to help, you will give them a sense of security.

Be spontaneous

Spontaneity is a key to great relationships. It is okay to get off the important task you are doing at 1 PM on Tuesday and say, “Honey, let’s take a drive to the mountains.”

Those spontaneous moments will show your spouse that they come first before everything else and believe me, both your relationship and your business will benefit.

Now let me ask you

Does your spouse know your dream?

Do you discuss the business aspect or do you keep that all separate from your relationship?

I really doubt I would have had the success I have had without my wife, and I believe that all entrepreneurs need to realize that their spouse is an important part of the entrepreneur process. Their support is important.

Sure, there have been some successful entrepreneurs who did not have spousal support, but I would say the statistics are quite low. It is much better that you involve your spouse in the dream…in the business immediately at the start.

Follow the tips I provided and I would wager that you will have a successful relationship that will help build a successful business.

Now that you have that advice, let me also suggest something else that can help…I suggest you get the & Days To Unstoppable Motivation training course. Both you and your spouse can benefit. You can get it here.

Thank you for stopping by and do me one up please… Share this on social media with your entrepreneur friends who are married.

To The Top!

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