The Most Expensive Mistake You Can Make In Network Marketing

Hey, You!

You are perfect for my business. You are a perfect customer. You need exactly what I have and you need to buy that right now.


I’m going to talk today about something that is going to relieve so much stress, save you millions of dollars and help you in building, recruiting, sponsoring, growing whatever business you might have.

So when I started as a young man, 19 years old with my first business, I really had no sales training, no experience. My dad just said, “Hey, I got this concept. Let’s partner up and you go sell and I will deliver the backend.”

So we were selling a high level voice recognition kind of virtual assistant system. Really exactly what Siri is now I was doing 24 years ago. I just didn’t have the funds to go at such a massive scale.

But I literally just thought, “You know what? This is perfect for everyone. This is so beautiful. Everybody is going to want this.” So I just opened up the Orange County Business Journal and I just started calling everyone and I thought, “Everybody needs this. Man, I’m just going to go after everyone,” and I got to tell you, getting a lesson in cold calling, and you want to talk numbers, of giving up. I literally every day must have made 300 phone calls and would get 300 no’s pretty much every time.

So it gets frustrating but my dad said, “Just work the process. Keep going. We are going to figure this out,” and we’re going to get really good at finding out who was our right target.

So that’s when it hit me. Wait a second. The right target. Explain that further. What exactly do you mean?

He said, “Eric, I really just wanted you to start making phone calls to start understanding what we do, number one. But number two, just getting people coming back at you and trying to figure out what they were saying and being able to understand what their challenges were or if you even have the right fit.”

So once I realized that, hey, maybe not everyone is my target. So why do I keep calling all these people that are probably not a right fit for my business? So when I started this blog saying, “Hey, you’re the right customer. You want what I have to sell,” that’s almost like what – I watch so many people struggle in their business and go and try to approach the wrong person or try to recruit the wrong person into their business.

Your business isn’t for everyone. You got to look at it this way – you don’t want everyone. You would be overwhelmed. You would be stressed out. I mean a fulltime 18-hour a day job just trying to manage all these people. So it really is finding the right people. People YOU want to work with.  People that make you happy.

So when I talk about I will save you millions of dollars, huge amounts of stress/burnout and stress on the family, I mean literally in the beginning, I remember my Dad was all about positively outrageous service (POS). So he never believed in webinars.

So he was getting on a plane, going to  shake hands with people.

Free report ad 250 x 250Here is one story I remember vividly…I’m in Southern California. There’s a client or a prospect in New York and I was asking them a few questions but didn’t even ask enough questions to get to know them.

I flew all the way to New York and met with them and within about two minutes, he said, “We’re not a right fit for you.” OK. I had flown a 6 hour flight, the time, the investment mentally, the money, the resources to prepare for meeting, plus just what it did to me psychologically.

I was so bummed out that on that flight home I started to realize I can’t just do this anymore and go out and try to sell everyone. I need to find out who is my perfect avatar.

Who’s my perfect perfect customer?

What exactly do they look like?

How old are they?

Are they married?

What do they like to do?

What’s their interest?

What you start to find are you really just are trying to find people like you because you like to do things together. You like to build together. You have the same philosophy. You enjoy them and you enjoy the time that you’re spending with them.

If you’re building teams and you’re doing things and just trying to recruit everyone, you’re going to find there are a lot of people you don’t even really like. So why do I want to sit here and spend so much time and effort on them when typically they’re the squeakiest wheel?

They’re always at me where there’s tension but yet I keep trying to push that rock up the hill.

I started to think like a professional.  I started to act like a professional and believing in me and my worth.  I started to “interview” my clients to make sure they were a right fit for me.  I completed changed the model upside down from what I knew.

This is when everything changed for me and our business.  We started acting like the expert….and became the expert.Rocket Recruiting version 2.0

Go find your perfect avatar, your perfect customer, your perfect team member, your perfect prospect. Right now I’m in the midst of launching my new Rocket Recruiting Version 2. So same thing. I sat down before going to partners and saying, “What’s our dream 100?” meaning who are our dream 100 affiliates that we want to go after, that we want to go and just do positively outrageous service with and promotions and support for them because these are our perfect avatar, our perfect affiliate we want to work with.

So we’ve identified those. We’ve identified what they like, what they bring to the table. How can we connect with them but also how can we add value to them?

So it isn’t about, “Hey, how can I just go get them to do something?” For me, how can we add value to their life, to their professional life, to their personal life and enhance their day to day experience with their business, with their personal, their life, whatever it might be.

In Conclusion:

I strongly caution you to just start recruiting everyone. Now there are trainers that tell you to do that. Like hey, the three-foot rule, just anybody three-foot – you’re closing everybody. You’re pushing in on everybody. But if you start to – if you really sit down and say, “Who’s my perfect person?” you will be very aware of who you’re approaching and you will feel a lot more confident because you know that this is a right fit.

You know what their needs, desires, and wants are. You know – maybe it might be hey, married, woman, age 46, loves fitness, loves travel, loves ???? – has four kids.

You start to notice, OK, these are the types of people that I really connect with. So I’m going to start going after more of them. Who do I know that’s in that target market? Then I can really put resources and time and effort towards it and supporting because typically, those types of people hang out with those types of people. Once you connect with one, they open up the doors to connect with many.

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Many more videos to come.

Look out for my new Rocket Recruiting Version 2. We’ve already pre-launched but it’s going to be to the public here in about two weeks.

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