I have met many creative individuals throughout my lifetime. Looking at their abilities, I wondered why they were not taking those talents into an entrepreneurial realm. When digging deeper, I discovered that the primary reasoning was one simple 4 letter word… Fear.

Why do we fear?

This is a question that gains many opinions. I believe psychology professors ask this question often just to see the multiple responses that will come from students.

Is there an absolute answer? I doubt it, but a common response is fear was bred into us as children. Parents have a tendency to instill fear in children over some areas that people should not fear. There are people who fear:

  • Losing cell-phone contact – Nomophobia
  • Looking in mirrors – Spectrophobia
  • Anything that is new – Cainophobia
  • and many more.

It’s crazy but…

Have you really considered some of the crazy things you fear? Everyone has fears; some are understandable and others seem unfounded but never-the-less, they are still fears and people must find a way to deal with or overcome those fears.

And today’s post is meant to help would-be or new entrepreneurs conquer and overcome the fears that can hold them back.

Now please excuse me for a moment while I turn my cell phone off because I fear getting calls in the midst of writing such an important article… Yes, I do have fears too.

The most common fears entrepreneurs have

We won’t talk about fear of snakes or fear of heights in this post. These are not common fears in the entrepreneur world even though you may run across 1 or 2 snakes in your entrepreneur journey. You also need to deal with your fear of heights so that when you gain success and climb to the top of the entrepreneur mountain, you won’t be scared.

Common fear #1: Fear of Failure

This is an understandable fear. I have it and every entrepreneur I know has this fear. It is how we deal with this fear that is the key.

The realization hit; several failures lead to success. By knowing this, we pick ourselves up after a failure, learn from it and make appropriate changes and move towards the next possible failure that will one day lead to success.

Overcome the fear of failure by embracing failure.

Common fear #2: The Fear You Are Not Good Enough

Confidence is an important aspect of being an entrepreneur. There are many entrepreneurs who were told they were not good enough but instead of letting that hold them back, they rebelled and proved those people wrong.

Maybe rebelling isn’t in your nature so…

Overcome this fear by doing small tasks and reward yourself when completing them.

Common fear #3: Fear You Don’t Have Enough Experience

Sorry to tell you this, but this is an illogical fear. After all, what entrepreneur can you name that had experience when they first started? Of course you don’t have any experience which leads to the way to

overcome the fear of not having enough experience is to follow the Nike motto: Just Do It!

Common fear #4: Fear That You Will Not Recover Investment Monies

We are hitting into one of my fears and I believe this is a fear of many entrepreneurs. It is a realistic fear and there is only one way to overcome this fear.

Overcome this fear by working smart and hard… Never Quit!

Common fear #5: Fearing It Won’t Be Perfect

I have news for you – It will never be perfect. You do your best and if you find errors or a better way down the road, you make needed changes.

Overcome perfection fear by realizing good IS good enough.

Common fear #6: The Fear That The Business Will Be All-Consuming

This is another understandable fear. Working a regular job, we know when we have time to spend with our family. But when we take on entrepreneurship, it becomes more than full time and can consume us. Many who do not defeat this consuming monster have deep family troubles.

Overcome the fear of consumption by delegating responsibility and using time management. Make time for your family.

Get Rid Of The Fear!

Fear is a mindset and the primary way to defeat fear is to just do what you fear.

I challenge you to think of all the things you fear and do 1 of them each week as long as they are legal.

  • If you fear the ocean, go surfing
  • If you fear crowds, try a concert
  • etc…

Be sure and stay attached to my blog as I will touch more on overcoming fear in future posts.

Please share this with others who may be facing the same issues in their entrepreneurship.

One of the best ways to beat fear is with motivation. I know that my 7 days to unstoppable motivation challenge can help you expand away from fear on to a road of success.

Come and check this free training course here.

We will see you on the next post.

To The Top!

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