Recently, we published a post on dealing with objections you will find in your life as an entrepreneur. I promised that I would publish a post with some excellent rebuttals you can use to overcome some of these objections.

As an entrepreneur, you will discover just a handful of common objections. How you rebut that objection will be a key on whether you gain a sale from the person you are speaking with.

Before I go into these rebuttals, you need to know that you have to “fit” the rebuttal for the given situation. Use common sense and you can become the king or queen of entrepreneurs.

You want to receive objections

It may sound crazy, but you want to get objections.


Because if the person objects, that means they have interest, but you have not answered everything in a way that can justify their giving you money in exchange for the product or service you have.

Most experienced salespeople get nervous if they get a sale without having to give any rebuttals to objections. It usually means the person just bought to not hurt their feelings and will cancel soon after.

Good rebuttals come from the entrepreneur knowing the features and benefits of their products

As I stated earlier, you will need to know how to word the rebuttals I am providing to match your particular situation. One key in doing this is by understanding the features and the benefits of the product or service you are selling.

If you are not well versed in features and benefits, your rebuttals will likely fall on deaf ears.

Great rebuttals are automatic

It will take practice, but you need to make your rebuttals come out as if it just came off the tip of your tongue. It needs to be automatic. Believe me, after you use rebuttals for a little while, they will become automatic.

Another thing you should know is – it is not necessarily what you say, but how you say it.

Take a look at some of these rebuttals to common objections; use them as you will, just make sure and adjust them to fit your business structure.

I’m not interested

This is probably the most common objection and also the objection that entrepreneurs and salespeople “screw up” the most.

A key to rebutting this objection is first acknowledging the objection:

{Prospect’s name} I understand.”

It is now a great moment to use previous customers that may be the prospect’s competitors or he/she is aware of.

Others such as {previous customers} felt the same way at first. But when they became aware of the benefits (name 1 or 2 that would fit) of using {your product or service}, and agreed to test it for {time period}, they discovered it a great asset. {Prospect’s name}, if you will allow me to explain the benefits and how it can become an asset in your life/business, and you can then decide whether {product} will be a good fit… Okay!”

By using empathy at first, you take the immediate defensive measures away from the prospect. By sharing that others similar to them also felt the same way but changed their mind, it will spike curiosity. You will now have a person who will listen.

I should mention that this is not really a true objection but is actually what is called a “blow off.”

It is too expensive

Here is another common objection that you should always treat as a line of baloney. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but price is normally never a true objection because if a person is attached to getting a certain item because of how it can help them, they will pay the price.

Again as all objections, you need to acknowledge the objection.

Yes {prospect’s name}, you are right, the price is higher than many items that claim to do similar things.”

Now I have found to appeal to their intelligence.

There are many cheaper products that are exactly that…cheap. A person can pay less for say, a meal at a fast food restaurant and be hungry and unsatisfied just hours later, or they can pay more for the steak house and be satisfied until breakfast. Our product is similar to that Prime Rib. While {product X} offers {brief competitor features}, our product will do {benefits and features directly relating to prospect} that the competition doesn’t offer.”

If you can or do offer a trial version or sample, now is a great time to reflect that.

Now the close: “You seem like a Prime Rib person to me, so let’s get you started Okay!”

This rebuttal goes after the person’s emotions, and emotions sell much more than logic does.

I’m busy, just send me information

Well great {prospect’s name}. Being busy means that business is going well and I am happy for you.

The acknowledgment and also patting the prospect on the back for a job well done.

Now is the time to:

  • We have a lot of written information, and I don’t want to ‘bury’ you with too much. It would help to know your business/personal needs that we can help solve for you”
  • Ask questions to understand the prospect’s needs.
  • I believe that the written information will help you realize that (product or service) will be a huge help and I would like to answer all questions you may have immediately. Knowing you are busy right now, I propose we talk say… Friday at 2. That will work won’t it?”

Notice in the final bullet point that the entrepreneur never asks if it will be okay; he/she says, “That will work won’t it,” or something comparable. By using this technique you assume they won’t be busy then, because if you ask, the natural sales response will be busy too.

Now I also suggest you find one brochure or flier and send it to the prospect immediately after the call with a note thanking them for their time and a reminder of the coming appointment.


These 3 objections are probably the most common. Use the rebuttals I provided changed to fit your business, and I believe you will notice a marked difference. Again, how you say the rebuttal can be just as important, if not more so, than the words you speak.

In further articles, I will share other objections and rebuttals, so be sure and bookmark my website and check back regularly for added information to help you succeed in your entrepreneurship.

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