A Happy Life.  This is my wish for you and your family.

“Fear is the Thief of Dreams” – Eric Tippetts

“I actually want to start my very own company,” my buddy passed on to me, “but I have not done it due to the fact that I’m petrified!” That view is extremely usual. Worry/Fear is a powerful human feeling in our lives. It holds a number of us back from doing the important things we want to do or ever before understanding our full possibility.

Yet the truth is that fear is always going to belong to the formula when you go at it on your own or try something brand-new. And also the bigger the goal, the larger the fear. I want to think about it as “no fear, no gain.” So rather pulling back from it, below are 5 ways to move onward despite fear and live an energized and happy life.

How to Start Living an Energized & Happy Life in Just 5 Easy Steps:

Happy Life #1 – Befriend your fear.

Recognizing that fear is a needed component of growth, welcome it into your world. Instead of waiting for it to ease off prior to progressing (since that won’t occur), order it by the hand and also take it with you. Let its power propel you ahead rather than hold you back.

Happy Life #2 – Simply do it.

The longer you delay doing something that you fear, the larger and also a lot more threatening that fear, and also the initial step in facing it, will certainly end up being. Most things, when done, are never ever as bad as they seemed beforehand. It’s ideal to place them behind you asap.

And also, everyone that has had success started at ground zero. Every person has to start someplace. The essential thing is to take that initial step, whatever it is, no matter how big or small (or frightening).  Just Start.

Happy Life #3 – Seek assistance.

Worry as well as insecurity thrive alone, so don’t attempt to face it alone. Locate those who will certainly support and also encourage you. This can be a person already doing the goal you desire — a close friend or relative that wants you to do well– or perhaps a support group or colleague.

Happy Life #4 – Emphasis on the journey.

Usually we do not seek our dreams due to the fact that we fear failing, we fear success, we fear the unidentified, or we fear looking silly. But the real power remains in the act of facing our fear, not in the result. We find out and expand from every experience.  You can never fail if you never quit!


Happy Life #5 – Accentuate the positive.

As humans, we sometimes have an all-natural negative bias. That suggests we need to work everyday to see things via an extra positive lens to live a happy life.

So how can you do that?

Make gratefulness lists, document your wins and positive qualities, read inspirational books, and associate individuals who are upbeat, favorable, and motivated. Seek them out and surround yourself with who you want to become most like.  Find others living an energized, limitless, and happy life!

So the next time anxiety comes knocking (or banging) on the door, just welcome it in. Welcome it like an old buddy as well as allow it push you ahead rather than hold you back. You may just find yourself making more progress compared to you thought feasible.

You are amazing!  Trust and believe in yourself & surround yourself with others that believe in you.  I hope you have an amazing day!

If this blog helped you in any way, I would appreciate your comment and help in sharing this message of: How to Start Living an Energized & Happy Life in Just 5 Easy Steps with others.  I appreciate you and look forward to continue building a community of like minded, positive, and empowering Entrepreneurs worldwide!

Much love,


Eric Tippetts fading away

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